Monday, August 14, 2006

Imaro could kick Conan's ASS!

Yo! I just finished reading Imaro, the reprinted Charles Saunders novels from the 80’s. All I can say is that the previous press that published this book missed me as an 11 year old reader. I would’ve eaten this shit up when I was a kid! Shit, I’m damn near 32 and I just killed the book in a day and a half.

It’s kind of like how you always thought Conan was black, you know? Like whenever they called in Conan the Cimmerian, you kind of though Cimmeria was close to Kenya or something? Ok, maybe I’m just projecting, that’s what I thought. But once you read Imaro, you realize, Conan is the red headed light skinned freckled tragic mulatto of the tribe compared to Saunders character. It’s historical, intentional, and fun beyond reason. Perfect summer reading! I’m definitely going to pick up the other books he’s re-published. When I’m done with them I’ll find some smart, nerdy black kid who reads fantasy stuff and give them to him. It’ll be the mitzvah that’ll cover me for all the evil deeds I’ve done before. I’m not getting paid to write this, ya’ll. If you’ve ever like any sword and sorcery stuff, or if you’re just curious. Pick this cat’s book up!


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And Tarzan and the Phantom and the guy who found King Solomon's mine,and Solomon Kane and Sheena been singin' choruses to E-40

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