Saturday, August 12, 2006

Part two of the book I may write

Part Two
Long before the Da Vinci Code became the zeitgeist for discussion regarding evidence/expression of the divine feminine, I was wondering what all of the hoopla was about. My household was profoundly mystical and unapologetically feminine. The boys of my family were initiated in many aspects of “female duties.” We cooked, cleaned, took care of our younger siblings and acknowledged the earth—meaning the earth that we planted in an stood on—as nothing less than a mother with who we all had some level of intimacy. The males were trained through legends, superstitions and family stories that the world was a divine feminine expression and we had to acknowledge it as such. But we all had to be trained in how to do so.
I remember how my great-aunt initiated me in seeing the city as feminine. She was a Jamaican country girl who moved to Brooklyn, NYC in order to be closer to her daughters and sons. One day, while out for a walk, we stopped on a corner that was angled toward the main street as opposed to running parallel to it. She expressed to me that this was one of the “female private parts” of the city and she would bet me an ice cream that if we followed the triangle back to its base, there would be something that either gave or sustained life at the base. I was confused but I teased her because she was newly arrived and had no idea where she was or what was around. We shook hands and she led me for several blocks where there was a plant nursery and a clinic. She then explained to me that the “Big Woman”, as she called the feminine expression, “was everywhere but she didn’t give up her secrets too easily.” She then told me that I would have to “constantly remember how to see the Big Woman”, no matter where I was or else I would became “too much of a man and be useless to everyone.”

-Shawn Taylor


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