Friday, August 18, 2006


Saw Snakes on a plane today. Definitely lived up to the hype. Also finished reading Vachss Mass market book today. If you feel the man, it’s a return to the Burke of old. Wrote a lot as well today. And now I’m watching the five heartbeats. Telling you, I’m on fia! Only thing I didn’t do was work-out today. Instead I took the time to organize my jams. Given a convo I had to day with my collaborator it might be a little too hyphy for maintaining my revolutionary cred, but when I’m getting my sweat on, I need some Grimy, crunky, ignant shiznat to be bustin my glands over, ya heard? Anyway, Soon as I figure how to load up mp3’s on this damn site, expect a downloadable playlist. In the meantime, be content

• Yay Area 3:48 E-40
• When You Wasn't Famous 3:21 The Streets
• Mr. Loverman (New World Mix) 4:21 Shabba Ranks
• Gal Bruk (Raw) 3:21 Elephant Man
• South Coast Playas (Kickdrums Remix) 2:55 T.I. & Stat Quo
• Baby Cham - Ghetto Story (Eighty Five Riddim) d1 4:11
• Jus' A Rascal 3:28 Dizzee Rascal
• Ghetto Rock 3:53 Mos Def
• Get By 3:47 Talib Kweli
• Random [Menta Original Mix] 3:41 Lady Sovereign
• 99 Problems 3:54 Jay-Z
• It’s supposed to be so easy 3:52 The Streets
• Money, Cash, Hoes 4:46 DMX / Jay-Z
• Galang Featuring Lil Vicious 2:56 M.I.A./Diplo
• One Thing 4:02 Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice
• Chi Ching (XXXchangeRemix) 3:20 Lady Sovereign
• Crazy 2:58 Gnarls Barkley
• Play Wit' Fire [Dancehall Mix] 2:03
• Ruff Riders Anthem 3:34 DMX
• What Have You Done? 1:58 Wynton Marsalis
• odb mix 3 (master) 4:25 11
• wait 2:46 Ying Yang Twins
• Track 22(feat. B.I.G.) 3:08 Ms. Hill does mixtape1
• White Gurl Ft. Bun B, Pimp C, 4:23 E-40
• Sound Bwoy Bureill 4:19 Smif-n-Wessun
• kick some ass stroke 9 4:04
• Go To Sleep 4:42 Eminem, DMX, Obie Trice
• Ty Featuring Roots Manuva-So U Want More? (14)Ty-Oh U Want More?
• Gold Digger (Feat. Jamie Foxx) 3:28 Kanye West
• Moment Of Clarity 4:24 Jay-Z
• Seven Nation Army 3:50 White Stripes, The
• The Choice Is Yours 3:23 Black Sheep
• Get Rich (Sade Mix) 3:06 Outkast
• Anything For You - Snow And All Star Cast 4:31
• U And Dat Ft. T. Pain, Kandi G 3:22 E-40 My Ghetto Report Card


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