Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Are we ready?

I was watching Battlestar (season 2.0) and aside from wondering why Black Men aren’t represented in any major story arc, I also asked myself if Black Folks are ready for a genre show with an all Black cast. Could there be a horror, fantasy, SF series, staring all Black people, that would get any type of ratings? Not to mention, would the show ever get made? Are we, the AfroGeeks and Alterna-Blacks of the world, even ready for this type of televised experience? There is now the Blade series, but the white characters are way more interesting. Kind of a carryover from Blade Trinity.

What are your thoughts?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't until about 3am that I realized how much it was bothering me. It suddenly struck me that the only show worth a shit, that I can think of, which prominently features well developed black characters is OZ, which isn't even in production anymore.

It was sitting on the couch & it just fucking hit me. The only show with black characters who have been given full humanity is a fucking Prison Drama.

Yeah. It's time.

5:23 PM  

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