Wednesday, September 13, 2006

File this under who gives a crap know like Survivor breaking people up by race? Whitney and bobby are getting a divorce. Oh shit, a crackhead and a pothead can't seem to make a relationship work. Or even better, two formerly talented 80's babies stayed together for fourteen years despite the media, substance abuse, and the most offense reality TV show this side of Flavor of Love (Buddaphly is my flav name). While I'm not in the camp that argues that these are the end times, is it fair for me, original afrogeek to exclaim my derision and open hostility at the mediocrity that I am subjected to as a target audience of the 18-35 financially stable black male demographic? Whitney and Bobby divorcing is not news! That shit is expected. See at least with our afrofuturist craziness, you get some new shit, some deviant thinking, and not deviant acting negritude. Fuck the dumb shit. Yo Shawn, let's start a TV show, or a publishing company, or something. The Pharisee on the TV gonna make me Pee...on them.


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