Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trek Again!

Hey Good People,

I'm on again about Star Trek because the 40th anniversary of the initial broadcast is Friday.

Continuing with my Klingon posting from earlier...

If real world races had to be assigned (which the probably were) to Trek reces, who would be what? This is not meant to be racist, but to spark discussion.

Here are my thoughts:

Ferengi: Either Arabs or Jews
Bajorans: Jews
Old school Klingons: Russo-Mandarins
New School Klingons: Black folks
Vulcans: Chinese
Romulans: Italian
Cardassians: Dutch
Borg: Americans
The Founders: ???
Vorta: Swiss
Jem Hadar: Germans
Orion Slave Girls: Middle Eastern

That's about it for now.

What do y'all think?



Blogger AJ Harper said...

I see the Borg more communist china than American, but dem Founders, dem Americans

9:11 PM  

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