Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here it is...Blam!

After announcing that my book had won the 2006 DIY Book Award, folks wanted to see the cover, know more about it and find out where to purchase it. If you live in the SF Bay Area, I'll meet you and you can get a copy directly from me for $10. (9 bucks plus tax). If you are anywhere else in the US, the book will cost you $11 (8 for the book and 3 for shipping). Overseas? $16 US.

If you want it, here is the address to send your check or money order to:

GhostMonkey Massive
P.O. Box 20312
Piedmont, CA 94620


Also, here are a couple of reivews (from the back cover):

Shawn Taylor is a foul-mouthed preacher and a ghetto philosopher whose work has us acknowledging some deep truths about ourselves while we're laughing our asses off. This book contains powerful essays and twisted thoughts on sexuality, fathers, and violence. Shawn's daring at telling the truth about himself at all costs is spellbinding. He puts himself on display in order to get us to reexamine our relationships, our values, and ourselves. Few people have the guts and brilliance to pull off the emotional high wire act that Shawn traipses across effortlessly.

—James Cagney Jr., author of The Ebonic Plague and Breakbeat Jesus

I learned things about my husband that I didn’t even know…but was happy to find out. In Big Black Penis, Shawn Taylor is both vulnerable and hilarious. This unapologetic account of his life invites all men to be honest with themselves, question what has shaped their masculinity, and seek an authentic sense of self. As he reveals his reflections on being raised without a father, defining strength, confronting homophobia, and forming relationships, Shawn also exposes the hate and the fear that American society has harbored toward Black men. Through this vital text, Shawn Taylor exemplifies what it means for a man to discover his inner beauty while affirming his virility.

—Janet Stickmon, author of Crushing Soft Rubies


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