Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm wrong for this I know..

..But I can't help it ya'll. I mean if you're gonna put this shit on YouTube, you know I gotta clown ya, right? I'm saying, I don't even know who this kid is but... Bad enough you videotape yourself doing this, but then to post it to youtube? The worst part is that he's so sincere about his moves. You see cats like this at the club every now and then, knowing they've been practicing their moves in isolation and shit. I'm hyper critical on foul dancing. I mean, if you're gonna go down to the floor, don't use the doorknob to pull yourself back up. And unless you're doing some tribal praying to the earth gods type dancing, don't go on all fours. It's not cute. I think its time to return to the old school where you had to know what you were doing before you stepped on the dance floor, and that shit had to be co-signed by other like minded individuals. This video is a prime example of when hyphy goes wrong. And don't ask me what does hyphy look like when it goes right, Shawn. I know you hating, but I'm trying to participate. Not with this kid. I'll give him points for this though, this little knucklehead is making me laugh on the regular. So props for that, but still I don't think she should be getting any for at least five years off the strength of this video alone. Think I'm mean? Watch the video then say something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man i don't know what u talkin bout that kid can move! Though many of the steps i am not familiar with he was feeling it. Don't get made cause you don't got dem moves LOL.

12:32 PM  

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