Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freaks on a Plane

So I was on a plane and I saw two brothers that I thought I could strike up a conversation with. One of them had on a Green Lantern shirt and they had a stack of graphic novels between them. What luck, I thought to myself. What are the chances of meeting AfroGeeks on a plane? We made small talk around how jacked up Black Folks are portrayed in comics and other genre forms and what we’d do to fix the situation, if given the chance.

A lull hit our little triad until one of the cats asked this question, “If you had to kick it with one comic chick, who would it be?” I was certain that I did not hear him correctly so I asked him to repeat himself. He did more than repeat, he rephrased, “What comic broad would you f*%k?” He then launched into what he would do to Storm. His boy hopped right on the freak train and talked about having a threesome with him, Shadow Lass (from the Legion of Superheroes) and Wonder Girl (from the Teen Titans). Then they had the nerve to whirl their expectant eyes on me.

I was at a loss. I thought about telling the flight attendant that the brothers mentioned something about a bomb and the white house but I did not think that that would be a good idea. But I considered it.
I said nothing. I put on my headphones phones and dialed the iPod to the Fishbone, Bad Brains, 24-7 Spyz, Public Enemy and Orange 9mm mix and entered my own world where I wondered: When did AfroGeeks become AfroFreaks?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, I read your note about the plane experience and I see what the problem is immediately. What made these people "afro geeks"? One problem people have is that we all seem to have a sense of belonging and I think your sense just did not turn out right. If I were you..I would have kept it light...said who it was and moved on in the conversation. I'd wonder what those "afro freaks" thought about you after the put your ipod head phones on and simply ignored them. My hope is that they figured that they would not judge you..since they are used to that sorta thing anyway and instantly forgot about you.

9:11 PM  

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