Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fuck her!

Quick rant:

I’m all hectic busy doing stuff for school as well as codez but I had ot take a moment to write this rant: If this cracker ass rich snobby whore of a slut doesn’t do her full fucking sentence then every hood homie and sis who ever had a cousin, mother, brother, uncle or play cousin who got locked up for no good god damn reason needs to go bang down her damn door, force feed the slag a pork sandwich, then carry her trifling ass back up to county. And if PoPo don’t want her, pull some old school Malcolm X stuff and just post guard up in that mug making God damn sure her scrawny ass can’t get out of prison. I’m so pissed at this crap you have no idea. Yeah its because I’m not sleeping, but its also because I know straight thugs from ages 12-17 who sorted their lives out and made some rectifying decisions about the way they thought, only to be violated on some out of county probation violation crap. Now they are career felons. By that I mean you don’t have a career because you’re a felon. Meanwhile, Blowjob-on-a-stick gets to walk out of jail cause she’s got the clap. I try and stay away from the pop crap, I swear I do, but this little retarded wanna be slut is getting on my last nerve. And don’t say its not racial. Didn’t Lil’ Kim do her full jail time? So fuck Paris Hilton. I know its not an original sentiment, but it’s genuine.


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