Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm tripping, right?

How do you define racism? I tend to define it as taking advantage of the benefits of one's race without regard to whom it may harm to do so. So yea, in my definition black people can be racists. But we don't make video games about it. That's some crazy shit. Case and point, Border Patrol. There is a game where you pretend to be an illegal Mexican immigrant trying to get into the country without being attacked by the border patrol. I'm going to write that again in case you missed it: There-is-a-game where-you-pretend -to-be-an-illegal-Mexican-immigrant-trying-to-get-into-the-country-without-being attacked-by-the-border-patrol. Now I'm not Mexican. Ain't got no part of Mexico in me. I don't even like Mexican food. But that shit is wrong. Dead wrong. Of course we know that, right? People know its wrong and just accept it, right? Wrong! Check out this article here by the CEO of deadline games, developers of the video game, I shit you not, I swear on the holy Koran I shit you not, Chili Con Carnage. His argument is that there is a double standard applied to video game companies. Fuck you man! You got a move in your game called the Burrito blasts! I can't handle your whining. That song everyone's a little bit racist is a fucking joke, not a life motto. I'd also like to let out my own personal racism at this point saying I personally have issues with White South Africans. It's like kicking it with post reconstruction white people, Mother fuckers don't know how to act around emancipated children of slaves.

Yeah Yeah I know, What about Def Jam's ICON or any other video games that have racalized characters, are they all racist? Short answer, YES! Longer answer, racial depictions have never been put out without bias, so why should I assume that there are no biases in video game depictions of raced characters? the question isn't "Why do you see race everywhere?" but rather, what work has gone into assuring that I won't have to?"

Totally unrelated Phonogram feeds my anglocized literature fetish like nothing else since the early days of Hellblazer. And Tyler got me in to see a special screening of Black Sheep which is probably the best new horror flick out, ever! Peep the trailer below.


Blogger Unknown said...

everyones a little bit racist, even me and you. and you are not tripping since it seems to be in our nature as humans to put others down if they are not at our level of "standard" or "acceptable" - basically if they are out of place and we feel a subconscious need to let them know. unfortunately one thing i have come to know in my time is that we all, ALL, were raised to believe some fucked up shit (mexicans are busboys, whites will always have the power, blacks are always going to serve others... whatever) and the cause of this - in my opinion - is that hardly anybody really wants to take the time to break stereotypes by getting to KNOW all the people that they meet from different ethnic backgrounds. Well, accept for the people like you and I (then again, are we just a little bit racist sometimes...?)

ps - i cannot wait to go see the horror flick about killer sheep!!!!

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