Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A pretty sounding girl asked me to put this out there

My favorite racist joke of all time: How do White fairy tales start? "Once upon a time..." How do black fairy tales start, "Ya'll Mother fuckers ain't never gonna believe this shit..."

So ya'll mother fuckers ain't gonna believe this shit. I'm on my way to get some fried fish and okra and the comic book store calls me. Todd (Hi Todd) big man manager of the shop calls me and is all "There's this girl here who wants to talk to someone about black villains in comic books." So yeah, I just talked to a total stranger about black villains in comics for like an hour. This is my life.

Anyway, the conversation revealed my inability to think of major black villains in comics. Maybe its because I'm always focusing on the white man as evil. JOKE! Kind of... Anyway, does anyone have a comprehensive list of black super villains in comics? I'd love to see it. Ok, I'm off again cataloging appearances of black people on Angel. 4 in the first season, including this bad ass. I'm trying to set-up an interview for codez about this movie, but if you get a chance, peep, I'm through with white girls. It's the best romantic comedy with black people in it since hav plenty.


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