Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First the gun draws/then you know/something’s happening—uttered by a voice that is both threatening and mournful, Gun Draws is one of the most political songs of the summer, and an anchor track of one of the year’s hottest releases. Even though the joint was leaked some time ago, with the rise of gun violence during the summer months—especially here in the Bay Area of California—it (hopefully) will get the heavy rotation that it deserves.

And for all of the idiots, who believe that it is a pro-gun joint, pay attention to the lyrics. It is decidedly anti-gun.

Rotate it again and listen with better ears.

Pharoahe Monch’s Desire is the album that hip-hop fans should be back-flipping in celebration of its arrival. It is everything that hip-hop is: witty, dangerous, clichéd, political, frustrating, hypocritical, contradictory, metaphysical and just plain ill.

Pharoahe has always been one of those lyricists that people have said, “if only he had the right beat.” My man has the right beats. I also heard that he has put together a touring band, so expect the live shows to be off the skeleton.

The album swings from the gospel longing of the opening track, to the hip-hop-a-billy of Body Baby to a surprisingly effective retooling of Public Enemy’s Welcome to the Terrordome. This is my favorite track. While the original version was a window into the apocalypse, Monch flips it on some Sign ‘O’ the Times, state of the union shit. I was bouncing so hard in my car that I almost had an accident. It would have been worth it.

Run, not walk, to your music store of choice and cop it.
♠♠♠♠.5 (out of 5)



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