Tuesday, December 18, 2007

America is evil, just ask the Canadians

My solution to the TV writer’s strike is to do what I usually due, find alternative sources of pleasure. Like reading. But it was in my copious amounts of comic book reading that I saw reference to a Canadian TV show called Intelligence. I’ve had good luck with Canadians and television; I fully admit to thinking Degrassi junior high was one of the best shows on the planet. So I gave it a shot. And like a black tar junkie who just found some Cambodian brown brown, I was hooked. Such a tight show. And it features a hot black woman who isn’t married to a white dude! No offense to all the black women married to white dudes who read this post, or he white dudes themselves.

The basic premise revolves around two characters, one the kind of the Toronto weed trade (White guy), and the head of the organized crime division who is about to be made head of Canada’s new intelligence service (Black woman). Canada believes that it can no longer rely on the C.I.A and other foreign intelligence services to serve their best interest. Her idea is to use high powered underworld folks as her primary sources of intelligence. Folks can earn so long as she gets her information. Maybe the show is a little too talky for the average American, or Canadian for that matter, I hear the show was canceled as of this season, but I found it refreshingly smart, balanced, and provocative. Plus Max Headroom is in it. Oh such a later post, but what the fuck happened to Max Headroom? Where’s that DVD box set?
Perhaps the best praise I can give the show is that it is the natural heir of another, perhaps the best espionage television program ever. Again, not produced in the U.S. I’m referring of course to the Sandbaggers. Understand, I have sex with other TV shows, but I make love to the Sandbaggers. It’s a cold war British espionage show that basically makes James bond look like Captain America on crank. It is a highly cerebral dialogue heavy show that speaks with authority about what it would be like to actually run a secret service for a country. Sadly the weight of bureaucracy weighs these spies down more than watches that can shoot lasers or shoes that allow them to walk on walls. Some nimrod tried to get me to watch the new British spy show Mi-5, and I almost had a restraining order placed against me. The sandbaggers is the cold war writ for the small screen. Intelligence is the dismemberment of the intelligence community post the invasion of Iraq. While budget problems don’t seem to be hampering the Canadians, American business interest (and the C.I.A.) do. And not to give too much away but one could make the argument by the series finale that everything would have been fine if it weren’t for the damn Americans.
So if you’re hungry for tele-visual stimulus, have an affinity for the covertly crafty side of things, and have a big hate on for Christmas cheer, torrent your ass some Intelligence, or Netflix you some Sandbaggers.


Blogger girl6 said...

Where can I torrent "Intelligence"?

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When INTELLIGENCE the CBC CanadianTV series featured Americans plotting to control Canadian water,I told my wife the you Americans will force Canada to Cancel.

Canada is the pimple on America's evil face.



Tries to bring this evil to Americans.

4:32 PM  

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