Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First and foremost, all praise due to the honorable Aaron McGruder…

Most dopest of the ill afrogeeks this side of the main man Tricky, giving much honor and praise to his geekonomics, flipping the script from small time tracer to big money making adult swim cartoon making Boondocks with much alternablackness for the masses.

And with this respect and praise questions and concerns regarding the future of the above stated project, offered in the most non haterade sipping manner imaginable. To wit I ask simply:

Are there way more “niggers” in this season of the Boondocks, or is that just me? I mean I’m just saying. An occasional nigger here, nigger there I can’t complain about. Shit, I love it. But it seems like every other word out of Riley’s mouth these days is Nigger. No, No I’m not on that old Paul Mooney, we can’t say nigger anymore(Sorry Paul, I love you like that uncle that wont bail you out of jail but will put $10 on your commissary so you can get some toothpaste but I can’t back your call on that one), but it is a little disturbing when Riley talks like some old hood cats on the corner and nobody pops him one in the jaw.
Maybe its just the shift, I swear I don’t remember him being so nigger-centric last season. He was all “You that’s kind of gay” for damn near everything. I don’t know what to make of it. Plus we got Ruckus, who is like my inner monologue whenever I have to ride public transport and have low blood sugar. And while I understand the comic genius of Ruckus, to be honest, sometimes he hurts. For instance when he is trying to get the Nigger out of Tom, who had been possessed, he brought with him the things niggers are scared of; a Billy club, a whip, a noose(I may be making that one up), and a job application. For real man, a job application? That’s fucked up. Plus when they were all beating on Tom…I don’t know, it was near when all the Jenna 6 shit was going down, maybe I was just sensitive, but it wasn’t humorous to me.
And as usual, with all black comedy I find myself thinking what I hate to think, I wonder what white people are saying about this. And not that any artist should live in fear of their audience, unless of course they have the tendency to enslave people, but I know that I don’t talk about the Boondocks with the White kids that I work with. At the same time I make sure to dialogue with the black kids I work with when something problematic comes on. I’m not on some PMRC angles on this, I like the show, it should stay on, but I’m wondering about the Dave Chapelle effect here.
Dave left his show, not because he was high assholes, and not because he had a nervous breakdown, cracker mcCracker, but because he had an internal boundary about what he was willing to do to make ,people laugh. When he felt seduced to cross that boundary he felt it was time to go. I have mad respect for Dave Chapelle for that, and I guess I wonder if Mr. Mcgruder is feeling any of those similar pangs, respectfully.

If anyone has done a Nigger count on the Boondocks, please send in the numbers. Otherwise I’ll start mine, at least on the last season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think maybe he(McGruder)is trying to get us sick of the word "Nigger". The cartoon seems to reflect where some people are theses days. I just started watching Boondocks this year 07/08. Still trying to catch all the other episodes I missed. But it seems like McGruder is trying to show us ourselves. Yea the nigger word is used entirely too much. Nigger is a term of endearment. We all ought to be sick of the put downs.

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