Friday, March 07, 2008

Iron man starring Victor Bout

Where the average person sees coincidence, grand master therapist Carl Jung caw synchronicity, purposeful definition and meaning. Of course Jung also went nuts and thought poop was divine so you can’t everything he says as gospel. But I tend to buy into that whole synchronicity thing. For instance, I think its remarkable that mere months before the Iron Man movie comes out,the real life Iron Man... one Victor Bout, is captured and awaiting extradition to the U.S. For those not in the know Bout is a Tajik born arms dealer that’s run everything from blood diamonds to ICBM’s to any and all who desire them. There’s not an African dictator in the 90’s that didn’t receive guns, ammo, planes, or training from Bout or his associates. And like Tony Stark, he’s far from a bad guy, just a business man. If you’ve seen the movie Lord of War, it’s loosely based on him.
In a trailer for Iron man, Tony stark is referred to as the Merchant of Death. The book written about Bout has the same title. It would be awesome if the movie went into the emotions and politics surrounding arms dealing, but it’s a Marvel movie and they’ve made a point to stay away from politics. Still, Victor Bout as Iron man, or Iron man, as a 21st century weapons dealer makes me smile a bit on the inside But then again, I am an afrogeek.


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