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Rev. Wright for president.

I swear I’m about to start a new section of Afrogeeks called Real Talk. Real Talk is where no reckless tongue wagging is allowed and real negroidal individuals get to present real negoridal facts without fear of caucosoid or other reprisals. And my first guest speaker would be the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I’m listening to this preacher trying to figure exactly what he’s saying that’s so twisted. Shit, He reminds me of The good rev. Cecil Williams back in the day at Glide. That’s good church right there. But its in his statements and in Obama’s lack of support for those very statements that I find the courage to say (write) the thing that I’ve been passionate but hushed about for so long. Many will accuse me of deliberately taking the counter position just to be contrary, but hopefully now, if you understand and empathize with what the good reverend was saying you’ll see my reaction as more than mere thoughtless banter…


I ain’t ever felt that dude. Not since day one. If I have a black president I want one that demonstrates his negritude in a discernible way. I don’t need a great apologizer, that shit just sets us loud dark boisterous negroes back; “If Obama can behave, why can’t you?” Cause I’m still black in America dagnabit! I behave well enough to keep a job and help folks out when I can. That’s about all the good I got in me. When fools step up otherwise, they get beat down. I need a president that can feel that. Not a dude that hears a jay-z tune from three years ago and tries to incorporate it into his shtick. Along the same lines, the politics game Obama played with the Reverend Wright has me seriously questioning dude’s integrity. He went from I don’t know nothing about no hate speech, to a more polished version of “Can’t we all get along” to “Forget that old crusty preacher.” Ok, if he wasn’t down from jump then where’s the problem with saying that? Or how about “I wasn’t in church on that day. He don’t say that shit around me.” Or what would have made me vote for the dude “Yeah, that’s my preacher. So what? You don’t like what he said? Don’t go to his church.” I want to go up to Obama and ask “Homie, where’s your nut sack?”

I know I’m giving up my black people card by hating on Obama. Well let me just get this out the way while I’m at it: I hate Common! I hate all positive rappers! I hate Lil’ Wayne! I don’t find Asian women particularly attractive! There, ya happy now?

So who am I voting for? Peep the conversation below ot learn more about why disdain for Obama and why I voted for the Ice queen from the Chronicles of Narnia-minus the cool cornrolls.

me: Told you about that punk ass obama
7:40 AM Halima: ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. lrejworuieoqir eqwklj1U9010
7:41 AM is how I feel about him right about now. Don't double back and condone after your Race 101 and brushing your shoulders off...I should take his penis away from him I am so bloody putoff!
7:42 AM me: See, anyone can be down for the cause when there ain't no niggers around. It's harder to be black when some darkies with inappropriate syntax and grammar are around, "dem cousins" so to speak. The rev wright happens to be that loud cousin. Act like ya heard
7:43 AM Halima: Exactly! The loud ghetto, mother-was-a-crack-head cousin that has not place in assimilation.
I have a whole side of them--and I LOVE the hell out of them-inside and outside the house.
7:44 AM Obama missed that part of Blackness in the slums of Hawaii with his culture-friendly grandfather..
Honolulu I mean..
me: Like I beensaying!
7:45 AM But ya'll obama lovers keep talking like he's a secret revolutionary
While he's given no evidence to support that idea
7:46 AM Halima: LOL! there is nothing secret about his faux revolution. I still love him, think he's sexy and would have his babies if I were not afraid that Mrs. Obama would black my eye, but I am disappointed.
7:47 AM Obama is a politician, understandable. But even as a politician running for president, he screwed up. Just don't pull any more fooleywang or black folks are going to throw you in that Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice pot--the one where Dave Chappelle trades you for a white person!
me: Give me an old crusty white woman who's husband cheats on her and plays the saxophone with negroes any day of the week, at least I know where her foibles lie.
7:48 AM Shit, what we need to do is call in Dave as a write in candidate.
7:50 AM Halima: She is so crusty and pickled, hell hath no fury over a woman in power who is unloved and overlooked for an intern.
"Billary's" politics are scary, sometimes scarier than Bush's.
7:51 AM me: But they are known.
Halima: At least Bush was/is outright with is rubbish, but Billary hides her real views and pretends to be all left-wing when really she is a republican-dike bitch in pearls!
7:52 AM me: Look Hillary is like that bullshit little street corner dealer who don't let a mother fucking thing slide. If its 2 for $5, then its 2 for $5, not $4.95 and i'll hit you up later for the rest. And god forbid that little hoppers momma hit him in the morning cause then he's busting dope fiends heads all day every day. That's HIllary, she'll make shit personal but she'll get her money.
7:55 AM Halima: LOL!!!
7:56 AM me: Real talk!
7:57 AM Halima: Real talk, she's still scary.
________________________________________ 5 minutes
8:02 AM me: I need a scary commander in chief. I was reading the new Richard Price novel "Lush life",( if you love the Wire, read homies shit Dude wrote clockers), anyway there's this Yemeni in there talking about how he loves Bush talking all "Where I'm from our father's don't explain things, they just do it. Maybe you don't understand why at first, but you do what he tells you because he's your father. later on you realize he was right all along. Bush is the father of the country." And while there's no way I'd go that far, like ever, sometimes the president just needs to be able to lay down the goon hand without having to explain a good god damn thing. And you can bet, once you give hillary the keys to the white house, that goon hand is going to get some exercise. First thing to go? All female interns with iqs lower than 92
8:03 AM Halima: Wait, is my IQ lower than 92? I need an IQ test.
8:04 AM me: Would you suck Bill clinton off? If so, then yes
8:05 AM Halima: I like the colored daddy philosophy from the Yemeni dude, its so colored..."But why I gotta do this" say Halima. "Because I said so now go before I take my belt off" says her father (more so Mother)..
8:06 AM Gross. I can feel the salad I ate for breakfast inching up my throat.
I do not do pinks!
me: You realize this entire conversation is going on Afrogeeks, yes?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please keep it going with the Real Talk.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote for Hillary Clinton? Feh! Yeah, it's great to vote for a person who uses the Southern Strategy to beat Obama. I mean who cares if Clinton has used blackness as club to pound Obama into submission? Who cares if Clinton's surrogate Geraldine Ferraro decided to eviscerate Obama's intelligence and abilities by making him into the Affirmative Action presidential nominee? Who cares if you vote for a candidate who has snuggled up to Richard Scaife Mellon, the man who funded Ward Connerly's duplicitous anti-Affirmative Action legislative drive like the California Civil Rights Initiative?

Obama is not running to be the "black President," he's running to be president.

Hey, the Rev. Wright screwed up with his National Press Club. He's an orator who didn't tailor his message to his audience. Wright should have known that he was walking neck deep into a river of hungry piranha. If you went to a meeting with a bunch of vampires, would you bloody yourself up? What did he expect from the Press Club?

Wright had successfully defended himself talking to Bill Moyers and appearing before the NAACP in Detroit. If he wanted to use his new fame as a platform to take on the system, wouldn't it have been smarter for him to have built alliances behind the scene?

Wright had a responsibility to all African-Americans to not do something that could be hurt the first African-American nominee.

Also, "negritude" means what to whom? Are you saying that all African-Americans have to walk alike, talk alike, think alike, or pee alike to be "real" black people?


Langston Hughes would be vilified and marginalized today if he were around today and his homosexuality made known.

Adam Clayton Powell? Please, he would have been disenfranchised from his blackness for not looking "black." Can't you hear the cries of "is he black enough"? Straight hair, pale skin, straight nose--an appearance that made him look more like a Sicilian than Ghanian.

Thurgood Marshall? See the aforementioned.

As an Afrogeek, I would think that you would be more careful with saying who can label him/herself "black."

7:52 AM  
Blogger afrogeek said...

Ok second part first, Negritude has a specific definition. It's a political and artistic movement towards anti hegemonic/colonial thought. It's not about how someone walks and talks but rather how they live their lives in resistance to domination. Something which I don't see in Obama. Hence my statement "If I have a black president I want one that demonstrates his negritude in a discernible way" All this to say, if I said at any point this is who is black and who is not, you have a right to fire on me. But i don't think I did. What i said was Fuck Obama. That is not an automatic corollary with the statement that he is not black.

Regarding the Rev. Wright, I've yet to hear him make any complaints about his treatment at the Press Club. Also he's not an orator, he's a preacher bathed in liberation theology praxis. Part of that work means an individual doesn't always preach what dominant parties want to hear. The preacher is called upon to speak to their truth, which I believe Rev. Wright does very well. He is not a politician and therefore really doesn't have to tailor his message to his audience. He has his congregation.

And while Obama may not be running to be the "Black President", I don't step out my door trying to be the black anything everyday, and yet that is how the world confronts me. So yes, I stay with my previous statement of fuck Obama and his "One minute racially blind the next trying to do the I have a dream" racial monologue. I want the first black president to be a "black president". I firmly disagree that the rev. Wright has a responsibility to black people to do anything other than what he's already doing, which is speaking his truth. As for Hughes, Powell, and Marshall? bad asses one and all, but nothing to do with what I'm talking about here.

Keep writing in.

8:12 AM  
Blogger HappyBrownGirl said...

I just surfed through here with my Late Pass in hand and I just fell out! Thank you so much for this!

Way too many otherwise smart people I know have absolutely lost their damn minds over Obama Comparing him to King, etc. They really think Obama is going to blow into office and turn that mutha out.

Umm, no. He is one man; one flawed man. Obama fans have the weight of the world on him, like he's some kind of secular Jesus!!!

All that to say, can I vote for Michelle?

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can understand what you're saying here - but really Obama didn't have any choice politically. He had to disown Wright or Wright would be haunting him the rest of the campaign (more so) ... It's one of those nasty things about politics. Personally I think Wright was right on on about 90% of the shit he said. I think Obama probably thinks so too. But yeah, this is politics and he knows Wright scares too many rednecks to keep 'em around.

11:17 PM  

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