Saturday, March 25, 2006

In the digital divide the mech geek reigns supreme

Given: That the relation between a people and their technology is worthy of study.

Given: That black people/Negroes/peoples of African descent/darkies manifest flexible interfaces with technologies not crafted in initial design.

Given: Said Negroes/ Black folks/cultural children of slaves/ Blacks, who consistently search for new synchronic relationships with Mech (as in the mechanized technologies designed for end users who have minimal understandings of software coding), have an ambiguous relationship with mainstream Black culture and form an antagonistic dyad with corporate commercial “Black” culture.

Given: The deification/(Archetype making project) of the Smith is a cultural practice that still exists today physically in the continent of Africa amongst the Dogon and within the psyche of all those whose melanin count is a consistent consciousness making quality; It can be given credit for magical thinking/magical realism/science fictions/ and speculative frictions.

And whereas:

1. The digital divide is nothing more than a ride around the real issue, an undeserving educational system which is self-perpetuated by slave mentalities.

2. Black youth are consistently the trend setters in non computer based Mech (see, pagers, cell phones, Bluetooth, Blackberries, DVD players in cars, etc) and yet are still mislabeled as being technologically behind

3. You can’t be a part of the real hip-hop for over three months without knowing what dope producer programmed her/his beats with.

It has become necessary

…for a symbol, a nime, phenomenological psychopomp that can encapsulate everyone from Octavia Butler to Alice Coltrane and still leaves room for the unborn un-reality makers who perform in the void that we all coalesce from; A banner that those geeks of African descent who can quote Deep Space Nine can join under; A standard by which those Samuel Delany junkies who bump Outkast can stand by; A flag black comic book readers can wave to distinguish themselves with; A sign posted on the doors of houses where little nappy headed children are educated about orishas, griots, the symbology of the dollar bill, while given sonic guided tours of John Coltrane’s Interstellar space; A warning in the form of an E.M.T. ray (Etic mech tech- Non sentient technology that offers any new technology it encounters such a foreign interface that the tech begins to break down, either quickly or slowly depending on the intensity of the ray.) to the cultural pimps, the scavengers of custom, the marketing maggots, the acidic academics that lack praxis, telling them in no uncertain terms that the afrogeek is here fore and ever more strongly associated with their anti-hegemonic brethren, the alternablacks, the non thug associated celebrators of post soul anti-commodity negritude plus X-And they are no longer to be FZUCKED WIT.

We invite the new rituals, the sacrifices of sweat,mech, tech, soft and hardware. We refute the nationalization project of some of our folks but wish them well. We see the nation as a colonial project that has no choice but to copulate with the corporate structure. We on some other. Some party and some bullshit…but with lazer guns.


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