Saturday, July 29, 2006

Easy rants

Yo, so I took a break from novel writing this Saturday night to go down to the local bar, Easy and found it was infected with the most cracker barrel of White people on the planet. For those of you on Foreign, I live in Oakland by this man made lake called Lake Merritt. This neighborhood used to be a refuge for those negroidal peoples that rolled with dreads and weren’t obsessed with the vicissitudes of capitalistic machinations in relation to our peoples. Of course, that was before 43’rd right off of telegraph was Temescal.

I came back from D.C last week and let’s just say the demon of gentrification is going on everywhere. I heard about new home owners trying to push CHURCHES out due tot eh noise on Sunday mornings. I love the idea of Mr. and Mrs. Yuppie being kept from their visions latte’s and Ikea furniture due to the prayers of uppity negroes who kept the property value low enough in the neighborhood for them to afford the fixer-upper they’re sleeping in. I swear I don’t hate white people. Just rich white people without the common sense to understand its not a natural division of skill, intellect, or labor that places them with the resources of this country.

Anyway, so why D.C. in the middle of the freaking summer, I hear you asking? Well, I just came from the Hurston/Wright writer’s workshop. I got to work with Steve Barnes. Just so we’re clear, STEVE BARNES LOVES HIS WIFE AND HIS CHILD. A day didn’t go buy when I didn’t hear him talk about the both of them. Truth be told, it did make me a little jealous. I’m saying…on the real…I’m trying to find wifey. Still, though, I don’t know if I’d be as hardcore as Mr. Sci-ci, Steve Barnes proselytizing and professing my predilection to prostrations to my primary partner, but one can hope, yes?

The workshop was good in that by the end I didn’t feel like the black cultural refugee like I usually do when I’m surrounded by the folks. Plus I got some agents contacts info. And I got a little bit of the confidence in my writing that I needed to send stuff out. After all, I am sitting on three novels. And to be clear, if my shit does get published I ain’t gonna be on the under, like my collaborator and not hype it on this site. I will be the walking talking hype machine. In the meantime, in-between time, I’m gonna keep writing daily and talking smack on this blog about black geeky shiznet. Either later on tonight or tomorrow I’ll hip you all to my Superman phone call, my confusion regarding Shadowboxing, and my inappropriately passionate love for Miami Vice.


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