Monday, October 16, 2006

Darryl Hunt

Certain things make, what my grandma called “Not a lick of sense”. More than that, they’re fundamentally wrong. Any black person with even a hint of street in their family or social line, knows that the police sometime, nah let’s be real, often, do dirt. Not because they’re evil (though some of the boys in blue really just have some issues they need to work out. The departed is closer to truth than most care to admit.) but because it’s easier to blame an innocent than actually go out and find the guilty. Case and point: Darryl Hunt. Here’s one of the most chill mellow black men in the world accused of raping and killing a white woman in North Carolina. See, now any black man who is either from or has lived in the South knows right there that’s your ass. Problem is, if you’re not the black man who did it, that means there’s another crazed rapist murder out there. But you have to figure even by racist standards, if a black man in jail refuses a plea saying he’s innocent in exchange for time serve, then maybe you might want to start looking for the real guilty person. And hell, if there’s another woman out there, raped and attacked in the same manner, not two fucking blocks from where the original attack happened, maybe you might want to look into it. Or hey, how about this, suppose you take semen samples from the victim and the man you’ve had in jail for nineteen fucking years and see if they match? And if they don’t match, let the man go. Instead they did the test and when it didn’t match they still kept the black man in jail. AARRRGHHH!

Look, I had an awesome weekend in service of this blog and I promise the rest of the stuff I post soon will be more light hearted and fun. But on my word, take every white friend you have to peep The trial of Darryl hunt. If they don’t walk out that flick crying and angry, drop them. They don’t get it and they never will. Those are the types that if you ever get arrested for no good god damn reason will say some idiot shit like “Well what did you do to deserve it.”


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