Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sirens coming!

Just got the release date of the new Dizzee rascal album. Reminds me of just how much I freaking love the old school U.K sound. Mickey Finn, Shy Fx,

Goldie, Congo Natty, dillinja and Lemon D, M beat, Tricky, all of it. I swear to God I was going to move to Brixton just to catch the buzz. That low freq jump up sound made not only for good sounds but for the requirement of the body moving.

Keep in mind, this is back when Black men in the states didn’t dance no more, all we did was dis. (Peep that you Cee-lo fans) Meanwhile people in the Uk were going through gyrations on the floor like it was going out of style. Sometimes, when I don’t want people to believe I’m from the U.S I try to speak with what I like to call my “Tricky” voice. Just listen to Maxinquaye, an awesome name for an album by the way, and try and do the whisper thing he does on the “Hell is around the corner”. Makes you sound British and tough.

I love Tricky. I love Jungle, I love grime, I love 2 step, I love Drum and Bass. I know it’s a case of the grass being greener on the otherside but if you’ve never heard of any of the music I’ve mentioned go find it, turn your bass all the way up and pretend like Big brother’s not watching. I swear you’ll have fun


Blogger jbrotherlove said...

Oh man... I love drum & bass, jungle, etc. I still keep the faith on weekly basis.

I'm laughing at you for affecting a Tricky voice to sound British, though. That's hilarious!

NP: "Christiansands"

10:15 AM  

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