Monday, August 06, 2007

But at least I’m not an Indian

Man, I just watched Pathfinder, aka Indians versus Vikings. Why, you may ask? Because I am a connoisseur of the craptastic. Man, I would hate to be a movie or T.V. Indian. I mean they can’t do shit without some white dude who thinks he’s like them. I’m not really sure why they made this movie, wasn’t last of the Mohicans enough? Here you’ve got these Indians living in these lands for generation upon generation in synch wit the land and everything in sets look like they were designed by the Elfquest people. Then all of a sudden hairy biker dudes with fat bellies and thick ass flavor savor beards come barreling thorough and the Indians are like “Nob! What are we going to do Brain?” Only instead of Brain, they got some pale faced skinny white boy who was left behind from the last visit from the Hell’s angels, I mean Vikings. Naturally the kid saves the day. In the end its some very thinly veiled “white worship/mixed raced folks are so cool” hot propaganda mess. I was hoping for some serious violence but all I got was that damn digital blood shit. Hollywood and independent film makers, enough with the digital blood ok? I like the “squees’ filled with real blood packets. The digital splash shows you’ve got more money than talent. Hire a good sfx person and stop leaning on the digital monkey boy back at the labs.

Ok, so after Pathfinder, to avoid doing work I read Scalped. I been trying to mess with the individual issues, but I knew it was a white cat writing it and I have problems with Caucasoids writing primarily non Caucasoid characters. But I decided to put my initial bias aside for the sake of a potentially good book., besides I used to read Scout It’s a really good book! The problem with the book is not that its written by a white dude, that’s just funny. No the problem is that it doesn’t need to have Indians in it. The thing reads more like a Western than anything else, a dirty, shit kicking, fuck ya in the eye type Western. And its good for that, so I’ll probably keep reading it, but damn, I’m so happy I’m not an Indian.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, it's kinda like Tarzan, just in a different hemisphere?

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should read about the freedmen and how Cherokee (really the 5 civilized tribes) spewed terrible racist propaganda to exclude them basic rights.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Tafari said...

I thought about renting this but that has now changed. Appreciate the review. Maybe I will see it on HBO

1:31 PM  

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