Friday, August 03, 2007

It takes so little to make me happy.

Jesus christ had dreads...and so did I. But that's another story. Big story, maybe not story but just something that makes me proud to embrace my negritude with both arms, the boondocks are coming back! Hear that haters? Fuck your rumors, fuck your bullshit lies about how Aaron mcgruder had gone the way of Dave Chappelle, who is not crazy either by the way( Just cause a black man gives up some money you all think he's smoking crack and getting therapy in South Africa). I love the boondocks. Shit it's the reason I can't get behind the no "nigger" movement. Some people need to be called niggers. Not white people, not asian people, just some ignant ass negroes with no common sense. It should be said not in a loving way, not in a proud way, but in a "Have you lost what precious little sense god gave you?" type way. And that's what Boondocks gives, along with biting social commentary, hilarious characters, and the cutest little Riley on the planet. I still laugh when I think of him chasing santa claus with a paint gun screaming "Pay what you owe, Santa!" That's a sentiment that strikes at the heart of every ghetto kid on the planet! One caveat to my joy, as a recent detractor from the uni-mind that is cable, I'm hoping those cartoon Network cats have the common sense to put the shows on Itunes on the regular. I'm just saying, some cats can disguise their Ip addresses and be downloading stuff with impunity. Not that I'm such an individual. I find such people reprehensible...Who the hell am I lying to, HACK THE MOTHER FUCKING PLANET, BBEYYYTTCCHEESSS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your posts make me smile. glad to know it's coming back, i can't wait.

5:37 PM  
Blogger colincompany said...

hahaha, thank god its back.. though i'd really like to see the boondocks back in the Sacramento Bee, it was my favorite part of every morning..

12:10 AM  

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