Friday, October 26, 2007

The invevitable rise and fall of Niggytardust

Every time I get my mouth ready to talk some smack about Saul Williams, dude comes out with an album title that is so funny, I just have to hear it, or steals Slick Rick's cat, or does some collabo that just out of this world. I'm not a man prone to panic but I swear I either had a panic attack or a spiritual experience one night at the justice league, the former name of the independent, when him and Dj Krush did "Coded Language", Plus he rolled with this black dreaded cello playing chick who was hot! Shit, the only reason I even want to hate him a little bit is because he helped to make slam poetry so damn popular that anyone with a depacote prescription still thinks its the thing to do. But homie was just trying to get paid, so no hate on the Saul.

Peep his site, you might just get a free album


Blogger michael a. gonzales said...

the album he did with rick rubin is dope as hell...

1:18 PM  

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