Friday, November 30, 2007

hygiene from Ghostface

Yeah I'm still on my ghostface love. I mean he does so much for the community. For example, click here to learn all there is to know about hygiene. And once you've figured out exactly what he's talking about, can you please post it in a comment? For real. I mean, I love the man, but half the time I'm getting this whole Pooty tang vibe, like I can hear him, and I can understand the words, but when you put it all together you end up being like "Wha?" My boy Adam says he'll transcribe it all for me. If he does I'll put it up for you all. In the meantime, Can i say that i haven't been as excited for an album since Dizzee dropped hi mes all over the floor? OOOHHHH! Ghostface, Dizzee Collabo? On the turntables this weekend

WU-TANG! (A la Dave chapelle)


Blogger Isaac Davis Jr., MBA said...

I love this Blog...I created a site tonight to help the Afro Geeks community come together...

6:56 PM  

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