Friday, November 09, 2007

Some people are dumb...even afrogeeks readers

OK, so the first comment posted to the previous post was this

Are you an idiot! How dare you put porn (no matter how absurd it is) on a site where young people visit? You've been offensive before, now you're just low. No wonder you never sign your name. The shear audacity...not even putting a proper disclaimer in your text, stating that anyone below 18 year olds should not watch, that is irresponsible. My daughter is fourteen and clicked on this this morning and was disturbed. You just may have a lawsuit on your hands.

Mary Kearns

Open reply here Mary Kearns. Sue my ass! Who said this was a kid friendly site? And if your 14 year old daughter clicked a post that started "If the thought of wayward white women having sex with a degenerate black puppet offends you..." and was offended, maybe afrogeeks isn't the issue.

Fucking morons!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mis-spelling of sheer.

1:29 PM  

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