Monday, February 06, 2012

Self publishing

So here's the new push. It's actually the old push. Self publishing. Did it once, got a book deal. All gravy. I could go ont eh hunt for another publisher for the new book but i think I'm going to e-publish it. But like with all the bells and whistles. Like hopefully get a well known oakland Graph artist to hit me with some art. Get Mr. super trouble Fenyang to do audio tracks for each chapter, maybe even get a small flash game going on for it. Bundle it all for a 2.00 fee. Why? Because why the hell not, that's why! Already got my old pardna from CodeZ doing edits so we'll see what's the what. In the meantime I'll be coming back here on a semi-regular basis to update foolios on the process. Everyone does it differently, this self publishing thing. I say its all about the luv!

More l8r.


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