Saturday, January 06, 2007

I name thee Holly Robinsons

Remember Hooly Robinson, before she became holly robinson Peete, when she was on 21 jump street with Johnny Depp and Richard Greico? Remember when she had big hair and torn jeans? Remember how everyone thought she was so cute? Did you know she was black? No for real, I mean did they ever do any special black episode of 21 jump street where she had to infiltrate an all black school or something? No I don’t think they did. I think the producers just took the “We’re Canadian and we just don’t see race” approach. Ok, whatever. I mean I believe that to be the craziest thing on the planet, but o.K. They’re Canadian, what do I know about Canadians? (Hi Nalo) But I just got the first Disc of the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Did you know there was a black girl on the show? Cause I forgot. Seriously! And I love this cartoon, and I used to quote the beginning all the time. You know where Dungeon Master (Totally Gay by the way, that’s my post modern read on him; the aged gay Peter Pan who molested his son Venger, read vengeance, and left him with a lopsided horn head) gives them there magical weapons and says “Fear Not, Ranger, Magician, Cavalier, Barbarian, Thief, and Acrobat.” Well the acrobat was Black. But I didn’t notice. They never did anything on the show to make her black aside from darken her skin. I swear a white woman did her voice though I have no evidence. She’s cool, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her, I’m just naming a phenomenon where black woman exist don’t kind of aren’t really seen as black. To those invisible black woman, I name thee Holly Robinsons.

But seriously, I'm a Norman lear baby. I like tv where they talk about real world social issues, that's one of the great possibilitites about amedium that's produced week to week. I like the "Race episode". I know its pandering to an audience, but at least its the beginings of a conversation. Am I alone in this? Tell me what you think people.

P.S. So dude at this link has a lot more to say about Diana from Dungeons and dragons than I care to.


Blogger Unknown said...

The voice person was black ( However, seeing that she vanishes after the D&D stint, she might have been Mary-Louise Parker in disguise.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Larissa said...

I have all the 21 Jump Street DVDs. Holly does always get chosen to infiltrate groups of young black men - I can recall at least two episodes in which she plays the flirt to a black dude who is causing trouble (usually with guns or drugs).

3:59 PM  
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