Sunday, March 11, 2007

Captain who is dead?

I could seriously give two shakes of a rats dick whether or not Captain America is dead. Marvel had Jean Grey dead for like ten full years before they brought her back. So the Cap is coming back, its just a matter of time. Mark it on your calendars: When the Hulk comes back, so will Cap. But the shooting of America Captain America got me thinking about the history of the military in comics and the racist assumptions that go along with that construction. I was gonna write a long thing about it but then my brother from another mother hit me up with these lovely images cause he knows I collect these ugly little scrapes of Americana. Peep and wonder, “Who cares if Captain America is dead?”

P.S: Bill Foster is still six feet deep. When is brother man coming back?! Huh? Bet you never thought to ask that question! You know why? Because when a White God clone kills a giant of a brother, he stays dead! And the white corporate power structure has you all trained to accept that! BRING BACK BLACK GOLAITH!

Sorry ya’ll. You know I got problems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Stephen Colbert went off on the death of Captain America last week. So on last night's show (which I caught on today's rebroadcast), he ended the show with a letter he received from Joe Quesada, telling Colbert that Captain America had left him the shield in his will. Colbert then had one of his interns bring out the shield, which Quesada had sent him.

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