Friday, March 09, 2007

WonderCon 2007

WonderCon2007 was the most exhilarating (and most frustrating) one I’ve eve attended. Instead of boring you all with an essay, I’m going to present the highs and lows:

• I won a ticket to be among the first group ever to see The 300 on the Imax screen. While it was a visually stunning film, the racial dynamics were on some D.W. Griffith shit. The great Negro hordes (Persians, even most of their slaves, were not that dark) came by land and by boat for what? “Gimme’ some white women!” Stuart, you were so right!

• I’m getting older. I must have walked 7-9 miles over the weekend, and my whole left ass cheek cramped up to where I could barely walk the last day.

• There were more Black Folks there than I have ever seen. But the ones that went costumed, all of the dressed as either a white comic or film character or an Asian or white manga/anime character. Not one Storm, Morpheus, Mr. Terrific, Black Lighting, Vixen, Bishop, Black Panther, M, Falcon, Luke Cage (thank Jah) in the house. Calling all AfroGeek artists and scribes, me need some healthy fantastical images as quick as you can churn them out. Now, please.

• People cannot say excuse me.

• The porn star autograph tables were empty!

• Boycott Old School Boomer’s new book. Spread the word.

• Phil Jimenez is a gentleman’s gentleman. Smart, humble and can draw his ass off. Great guy.

• The panel on Black superheroes was good, but man, it was painful to watch. Luke Cage has always been a shitty character, but I never knew how bad. And no, he is no cooler in the Civil War story arc. And why was it a white dude leadiing the panel?

• It was beautiful to see so many Black Men with their sons. These men were seeing an entirely new world through their sons’ eyes. I saw this one kid lead his father about the whole place, explaining things to him as if they were on a zoological expedition. The kid was so serious and his father was so engaged…yes, I did cry a little bit.

• It is so easy to go broke at a con. 48 graphic novels later.

• I’m going back next year. Just hope my left ass cheek can handle the strain.

All love and peace. All the time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were a handful of John Stewart Green Lanterns running about the place. I know that as comforts go, that is small... but shit, at least there wasn't a single Falcon.

3:28 PM  
Blogger SwanShadow said...

It killed me to miss the panel on black heroes. Some moron scheduled it opposite the animation panel with Dwayne McDuffie, and I opted to check out the Maestro instead.

4:39 PM  
Blogger thedarkcyde said...

your ass is SO funny. i think i'll go to see it just for your observation.

maybe we passed ya at wondercon.....

5:35 PM  

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