Thursday, August 23, 2007

The internets is a funny thing-Black Emo Part Deux

Ok, so last year, June to be exact, I made one of my oh so famous rant post (totally orphaned by the spell check I'm realizing) decrying the absence of Black Emo. I wanted to know where it was. I quote (myself) "I’m asking about a cultural space of black emoticons that don’t worry about being savvy."

Here's the line to the original post.
Man I swear that post has generated more consistent comments than anything else n this damn blog. And more confusion for me as well. It's like some people knew where I was coming from and other black kids just got straight defensive. So just to make myself clear: I think Black Emo is the cutest little thing in the world. I want to kiss and hug all the little black emo kids and tell them to whine and cry their little hearts out. Emote all your passions until there's nothing left but the spent drained viscous fluid that was your soul left in your malnourished frail frames. Do you! Because in doing you, you extricate the 21st century Negro from the frame of "authenticity", you liberate the descendants of African slaves from the chains of "Keeping it real", you promote po-mo afro negro counter-"hood" hegemony.
So dance your depressive dance of mourning for all those souls not yet dead,. Fling your emaciated tatto covered frames upon the altar of designer pharmaceuticals and discount clothing. Bow to the deities of disinterest and delirium. And know that this afrogeek affirms your right to not only exist, but thrive... as much as your kind tends to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are an arrogant asshole.

1:13 PM  
Blogger afrogeek said...

What did I say?

9:48 PM  

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