Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who We Are

- We are not monolithic or uni-faceted.
- We see the importance of both Public Enemy and The Clash.
- We got cable, not for BET or MTV, but for the SCI-FI channel.
- We want to hear Tamar kali alongside E40. (
- We see the parallel between the hyphy movement and punk rock.
- We used Star Trek: DS9 to help our students understand the Iraqi invasion.
- We see the importance of a Pan-Black presence in popular culture.
- We miss Gordon Parks and Octavia E. Butler.
- We have stepped off of our blocks and dreamt of the stars.
- We have passports and have used them more than once.
- We know we are the shit…but, then again, so are you.
- We are Black, Post-Black, and see the advantages and limitations of this existence.
- We are not limited to hip-hop, even though we may love it dearly.
- We do not all know each other, but we do know that we are enormous in number.
- We are not mainstream, even when we are.
- We purchased our computers before we got our cell-phones.
- We rarely ever have to call tech support.
- We hear Digable Planet’s Rebirth of Slick and we still get chills.
- We can name more than 10 famous black folks, who are not celebrities, athletes or musicians.
- We are all around you.
- We are AfroGeeks.
- We are Alterna-Blacks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

::humming the bass line of "Rebirth of Slick"::

Can't say all of this fits me -- definitely not the punk or other music bits. I'm more partial to bebop than headbanging, or opera over industrial. But I get the gist. =)

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah... 'cept i have to call tech support day 'n' night.

4:37 PM  

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