Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who shot me bruda? Him a fa dead!

Number 1. The harder they come. Anyone says anything different scream "Blodcott pussface fa dead!" Then shoot them in the face. That's the most gangsta tragic flick on the planet. Done.

Number 2. Countryman. The original Magical negro. He's the basis of a character in my second unpublished novel. While not in the genre of Killa Kingston, its still a beautiful film.

Number 3. Third world Cop. Ok, bonafide comedy. Its like "I got the hook up" only in Jamaica. For all the brethren who've seen it. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP! You should be on the floor laughing right now. If not, put this on your netflix.

Number 4. It's kinda new...on DVD that is. Shottas Ok, so click the link and jump now so that you can hear the bomb ass soundrtack as you read the rest of this post. This is some bargin basement productions, no kind of talent necessary to make bad ass gangsta flick type stuff. But what am I in love with it? I mean if Americans did it I'd be angry, frustrated, and complaining about how much dinero was wasted on it. But becasue Spragga benz and Kymani marley are the headliners I'm feeling it. Think of it as the all the best jamacian parts of Belly. Yeah, I feel Belly. Forget it, I can't defend my taste, only state them. Shottas kill dem competition dead!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Harder They Come is a pure classic, the director Perry Henzell died Novemeber last year.

I love the bit in Third World Cop when he say's "We run 'tings, 'tings nah run we".

I have seen all of those except Shottas which I really want to see. UK film Rollin With The Nines has a pretty cool Yardie shoot out.

Belly sucks, but Louie Rankin is brilliant in it.

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