Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm scared of negrotude

Not really, but I'm really hoping one day I get to here someone say that and actually mean it. In the meantime I'll have to be content with scary black films. My friend Tyler wrote up this piece on the 13 best black horror flicks. Read love it. Be it.

PS: Ok so this is an aside, and also a reason that i be hating in general. So as the astute literate intellectual familiar with Diaspora vocabulary(I refuse to name which Diaspora, it's Black history month on Afrogeeks god damn it!)will be able to tell you I misspelled the key word of the title of this post. Now misspelling are not uncommon on this blog, but sometimes they actually lead to insight. Realizing that what I really wanted to write was “negritude”, I decided to just google “negritude” just to see what was out there. Well first we have nine white kids on Myspace in a romantic group called negrotude. There tag line is "Negros with additude (sic) and that’s (sic) all you need to know. Dont (sic)step" Fuck you, I'm stepping!

Now don't let it be said that they are the only goombas on the planet, urban dictionary had this idiotic definition.

Negrotude is when a African-American person acts rude, obnoxious, tells everyone off like their God and talks with a ghetto slang.

Rafael: hey, Shaniqua is pretty cute... but hows her personality?

Jake: bro forget about it, she has a mean negrotude

What the hell is going on in the world? for those of you that don't know, Negritude was, is, an artistic sensibility that privileges the black Diaspora aesthetics. And while this exercise in Lacanian misrecognition has been fascinating, it does serve to sever my symbolic blackness from my imaginary blackness. Yeah, I know I should explain that. But then I'd have to get into Freud, Lacan, and Fanon and I simply don't have the energy. So instead peep the next post.


Blogger thedarkcyde said...

boy you crazy,
blaaaaaaaaa..... omg. i'm cryng laughing. dude, you know you can't say nothing except white people are straight ignant most of the time.

....negrotude lol.

betcha they don't know where the slang "giving props" came from...

5:43 PM  

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