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Explain the absence

I know that’s the question you’ve all been asking. “Is he dead?” “Did he have an aneurism?” “Have the sonic psychic sexy sirens from Saturn stolen his soul?” No No No. It’s all good in the boogie hood over here. The real reason is because I’ve been sitting on two interviews that I really want to put up but just haven’t had the time to transcribe yet. So I didn’t want to put anything up. But in that delay I managed to miss the one year anniversary of Afrogeeks. I’m a tard. Afrogeeks is gonna be doing bigger and better things in the very near future, that’s a promise. I’m talking full on website and shiznet, video, audio, cartoons, crack! Ok, maybe not crack. But all the other stuff. Stay sharp. In the meantime I’m going to re-post my initial musing on what Afrogeeks is as I believe its even more important now than ever before.

Given: That the relation between a people and their technology
is worthy of study.

Given: That black people/Negroes/peoples of African descent/darkies manifest flexible
interfaces with technologies not crafted in initial design.

Given: Said Negroes/ Black folks/cultural children of slaves/ Blacks, who consistently
search for new synchronic relationships with Mech (as in the mechanized technologies
designed for end users who have minimal understandings of software coding), have
an ambiguous relationship with mainstream Black culture and form an antagonistic
dyad with corporate commercial “Black” culture.

Given: The deification/(Archetype making project) of the Smith is a cultural practice
that still exists today physically in the continent of Africa amongst the Dogon
and within the psyche of all those whose melanin count is a consistent consciousness
making quality; It can be given credit for magical thinking/magical realism/science
fictions/ and speculative frictions.

And whereas:

1. The digital divide is nothing more than a ride around the real issue, an undeserving
educational system which is self-perpetuated by slave mentalities.

2. Black youth are consistently the trend setters in non computer based Mech (see,
pagers, cell phones, Bluetooth, Blackberries, DVD players in cars, etc) and yet
are still mislabeled as being technologically behind

3. You can’t be a part of the real hip-hop for over three months without
knowing what dope producer programmed her/his beats with.

It has become necessary

…for a symbol, a nime, phenomenological psychopomp
that can encapsulate everyone from Octavia Butler to Alice Coltrane and still
leaves room for the unborn un-reality makers who perform in the void that we all
coalesce from; A banner that those geeks of African descent who can quote Deep
Space Nine can join under; A standard by which those Samuel Delany junkies who
bump Outkast can stand by; A flag black comic book readers can wave to distinguish
themselves with; A sign posted on the doors of houses where little nappy headed
children are educated about orishas, griots, the symbology of the dollar bill,
while given sonic guided tours of John Coltrane’s Interstellar space; A
warning in the form of an E.M.T. ray (Etic mech tech- Non sentient technology
that offers any new technology it encounters such a foreign interface that the
tech begins to break down, either quickly or slowly depending on the intensity
of the ray.) to the cultural pimps, the scavengers of custom, the marketing maggots,
the acidic academics that lack praxis, telling them in no uncertain terms that
the afrogeek is here fore and ever more strongly associated with their anti-hegemonic
brethren, the alternablacks, the non thug associated celebrators of post soul
anti-commodity negritude plus X-And they are no longer to be FZUCKED WIT.

We invite the new rituals, the sacrifices of sweat,mech, tech, soft and hardware.
We refute the nationalization project of some of our folks but wish them well.
We see the nation as a colonial project that has no choice but to copulate with
the corporate structure. We on some other. Some party and some bullshit…but
with lazer guns.

Also, Totally random, but as some of you may or may not know, I love black people with accents. I can do a pretty good Ghanaian accent, and my British accent had some yardie boys fooled. But I swear to all the gods you’ve forgotten about I love me some cute sexy black British sci-fi accent. And the new companion to the longest running sci-fi series ever on TV, Doctor Who, is a Black Iranian woman. Love her, be her. The actress is half black and Half Iranian. She’s cute and all, but it’s the voice. I’d say run out and check out the new Doctor Who but its only available in the U.K. Unless you do like you supposed to do with the technology thing and get yours!
Meanwhile, expect more soon. I’ll be posting much this week and the next. Stay smart chillins. And remember the original black woman coda:

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you act like you're the only cat working on afrogeeks? As far as i can tell, there was 1 dude (shawn) who helped to start it, another dude who designed the (dope ass) logo and Stuart, who wrote about the 300. Explique, sil vous plait?

7:59 PM  
Blogger afrogeek said...

Better question, Why the attitude?
People have been asking me why I haven't put stuff up in a while, hence the post. Yeah, I know I got crew. Shawn is still down, our dope ass logo man does his own project but I'm pretty sure he checks us out on the regular, and Stuart was a guest writer, so well, he just came on short term. But people that know me or who came over here because of my stuff on codezonline think of me as the prime mover on afrogeeks, a designation I'm proud to hold. But its a freestyle over here, what you want for free? You got something else you want posted on Afrogeeks? Send it by.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s not attitude, it’s a warning. It seems a bit disingenuous that you are taking the majority of credit when there are others who also have a hand in. “The prime mover and shaker” also seems rather dishonest. Whose Idea was afrogeeks? Speaking to Roy Miles (the logo guy) it was Shawn’s idea.
This is one of the few places where black people can read and discuss SF and other genre stuff, but if you are living foul (taking the credit for others hard work) then I’ll go elsewhere. We want to interview everyone who has a hand in making this blog what it is, but it only seems fair that all involved get equal shine.
Declan Gregory
UK Black SciFi Massive

10:39 AM  
Blogger afrogeek said...

Ok so many things about this.

1. So glad we’ve got some Uk readership
2. So glad you’ve identified us as a place where “one of the few places where black people can read and discuss SF and other genre stuff”
3. Fuck off on a warning. I don’t respond well to threats. If you feel the need to step, then step.
As for whose idea Afrogeeks is, its me and Shawn. Don’t believe me, talk with Shawn. Roy knows Shawn. Shawn me and Roy had one sit down where we talked about the logo and stuff and then it was done. So I could see from Roy’s perspective, as Shawn brought him into it, that it would seem like mostly Shawn’s idea. But there’s no one getting more or less out of this than anyone else. Shawn posts whenever he can and I do the same. I’m all about equal parts on this mug. This seems like some B.S internet squabble where there really is none. We’re not making money of this bad boy…yet. And when we do, it will again be equal parts for those who do the work. As for the prime mover stuff, all I meant by that was if you look at who has put up the majority of the post on this mug it’s me. Shawn goes for quality and I go for quantity. Both are essential. So stop tripping and go easy. If you want to interview Roy or Shawn just hit them up.
And fuck off on a threat for real. That’s what I meant by attitude. Don’t let your keyboard start some shit your ass can’t handle.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is nonsense & tomfoolery.

I know both of these cats up-close & personal, and there's no one living foul up in here. There are also no fucked up ego trips.

I've read & re-read this entry, trying to get a handle on what's causing the knickers to buch up, and all I can see is you might be missing the fact that when friends are sharing writing space, one could take a first-person article out of context and begin labouring under the misapprehension that the writer has staged a coup.

This is not the case. Afrogeeks remains a collective, headed by two, and ready to take on the fresh thoughts of new writers (the 300 article, for example).

Slow your roll.

I'm the last person to get involved in online beef. I've been there, and my patience for it disappeared long ago. However, when someone comes from out of nowhere levelling "a warning," they're stepping way the hell over the line; right past explique, and straight into a territory where we start sporting armbands.

So let's break this down, one more time: Afrogeeks is headed by two people. There has been one guest writer, and the cat who designed the hot logo. We must pull the guest writer and the logo designer out of the equation from the start (not wishing to take anything away from the guest writer, but it cannot be argued that he is a primary force. Also, as a designer it pains me to even suggest that the Logo is not an integral part of the force of Afrogeeks, but it really is just the eyebrows). So from four we are left with two. One of those two writes a first-person article and somehow this warrants "a warning," and the impugning of his integrity?

Fuck no...

This is bullshit.

And, for the record, he did not, in his reply to your first message, claim that he was "the prime mover and shaker." He claimed that there are people who are coming over from Code Z who think of him as such, and this has not proved a source of shame.

And yeah, that was attitude up in the first comment. Own it, or cut it out.

Like I said; I'm not about some online beef, but watch your toes.

If we haven't all got each other's backs, then we're going to spend our lives looking over our shoulders. That's not the life I'm about.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Someone coming to my "rescue?" Declan, ease back. 'Nuff respect happens on AfroGeeks. I post whenI have something to say, so it may seem as if I'm being overshadowed, but AGeeks was EQUALLY my idea. Why I am in the process of branching out to split my time between AGeeks and my own blog, my heart is here. And don't trip, I'm from Brooklyn, and if I felt there was any slights aimed towards me, you'd be reading my responses right here. While I dig the sentiment, I and I am at peace with how things are going down here.
Please keep reading. I'm about to hit you all with the deluge.

All Peace All The Time


9:30 AM  

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