Sunday, April 01, 2007

For real?

Honestly, no lie, I have no idea what the fuck to do with this video. If you can actually make out the lyrics, they aren’t that bad, kind of tender and all that noise. But the presentation? I mean at first I really thought the dude had down syndrome. But then I have to think, where else but Youtube is homie gonna get noticed? And he’s out there, doing his thing, as tweaked as it sounds. Now I will say that absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, explains him in the shower. You ain’t D’angelo playboy, nobody wants to see that. Anyway, tell me if I’m just being hyper critical or is ok to be embarrassed to be a black person whenever someone makes reference to this dude.


Blogger girl6 said...


Somebody taught their
develpomentally disabled cousin a song then put him on camera and said, "Do this."

Then they caught him in the shower and were all like, "Hey Dee Dee, sing that song."

And then they were like, "Hey Jo Jo let's go to Big Mama house and pick up Dee Dee then go to uncle Ray Ray's and drop off them black mollies. Wait! Dee Dee look good by the fish tank. Dee Dee, sing that song again."

That's just cruel.

Or, this is the funniest new comic since Borat. In that case, BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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