Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Definition…My Definition is This.

AfroGeeks: Black, Post-Black, Pan-African Diasporic (including mixed folks) lovers of sci-fi, fantasy, tech and mech, horror, fantasy, anime, magick and other outre stuff traditionally (stereotypically) considered things only white people dig. Basically, if you were teased, beat up—or both—for being into what you were into, you just may be an AfroGeek.

Alterna-Black: Black, Post-Black, Pan-African Diasporic (including mixed folks), para-mainstream entities. Has love for—or a position in—mainstream popular culture, but (usually) isn’t embraced by the lovers (read: white majority) of mainstream popular culture.


Octavia E, Butler: AfroGeek
Mos Def: Alterna-Black
The Roots: Alterna-Black
?uestlove: AfroGeek
Tamar kali: Alterna-Black
Living Colour: Alterna-Black.
Fishbone: Alterna-Black
Vernon Reid: AfroGeek
Prince Paul: AfroGeek
Pam the Funkstress: Alterna-Black
Walter Kitundu: Alterna-Black
Kelis: Alterna-Black
Erykah Badu: Afro-Geek
Talib Kweli: Alterna-Black
Dave Chappelle: Alterna-Black
Nalo Hopkinson: AfroGeek
Steven Barnes: Alterna-Black
Dead Prez: Real Black!
Flavor Flav: Damn…I don’t even know


Blogger animeg said...

Sorry for the shameless plug, but I started a comics collective for people of color:

10:49 AM  
Blogger Nalo said...

Geez, you mean I can only be one?

10:06 PM  

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