Wednesday, October 08, 2008

80's black bodies dominate the fillmore...but we knew that already

Imagine your big sister was a back-up dancer for Salt-n-pepa back in the day of the yellow hair and crisscross jackets. Imagine she wouldn’t let you copy her moves but you’d sneak into practices and sit still and quiet, memorizing every isolated head jerk ad wild rotation of hip and head. Imagine you ran back home and practiced these things in the mirror until you got them as right as your imagination could make them. A few years later you watched S1W’s gear and knew it to be super duper fly.

Question: What would be your ideal job today?

Answer: Backup dancer for Santogold.

And the gas? The thing that still has my head spinning? It’s that the little hipster white children eat it up like pop rocks on the day their daddy told them he was getting a house of his own but he'd still love them.

Yeah, I’ve been gone for a while. I’m writing books.


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Welcome back!

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