Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Best Expression

Hey Folkers,

Looking for some serious feedback on this one.

The question is: Who do you think is/was the most well-rounded (fully realized) Black character in any medium, whether it be film, video games, role-playing games, comic books, television, etc? Let’s keep it to the realms of science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc.

Off the top of my head, I'd have to say Captain Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

My top five points that bolster my position:

1. He was a leader (even though it was the only Trek series that started the lead out as a commander). He was good to his people, but pushed them and held them accountable.

2. He had a love life with Captain Cassidy Yates. While you didn't actually see them, it was more than heavily implied.

3. He had a decent home life, but the whole alien planting seeds so that he could became the Emissary was a bit much. He was a loving father and doting son. And, as seen in flashback, a decent husband.

4. He came out his "negro bag" every so often and got ill on folks. The way that he stepped to Capt. Picard in the first episode was sort of nasty. He put that bass in his voice and Picard had to...reflect.

5. He adhered to elements of his Black heritage. There were Shona stone sculptures in his quarters, he made gumbo, he wore African-inspired clothing and the most amazing thing--to my knowledge--he never went off with a white girl.

This isn't to say that I'm against trans-racial/cultural relationships, but the character did not have to legitimize himself by falling in love with a Caucasian woman.

Please contest this because if this is the most well-rounded/fully realized character in genre entertainment, we're in trouble.

Shawn Taylor


Blogger AJ Harper said...

I have to agree, Sisko is the most fully realized black character in television history, part of it being that Brooks had input to his character.
And they had a 7 year deal
He is also the longest black character in a hour long and series

6:41 AM  

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