Monday, May 29, 2006

Myspace Tom is Rupert Murdock and he is not your friend

Ok, so as I'm sure all fo you afrogeeks know Rupert Murdock owns myspace. So all that personal information you submit in order to find a new "Friend" is actually going to be used to assign you a commerically viable cultural integral that is keyed specifically to your financial and social strengths and weaknesses. Think I'm paranoid? Peep the link below. A guy by the name of Robin Sloan hooked this flash up for the fun of it with a friend a few years ago. Rumor goes Murdock AKA, Mr. Charlie, took one look at it and bought Myspace. I don’t think it was Robin’s intended result for his project. Anyway, it opens up some interesting possibilities. Would love to hear what people think about it.


Blogger neilemac said...

This is the scariest news since 'loose change' and of course 'the inconvenient truth.' Then, too, there's '' Am too revolted to say anything more until I rid myself of the bile now churing up from below.

neil E mac

1:05 PM  

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