Thursday, June 08, 2006

That’s actually two sixs and a nine

Stolen from one of the funniest men ever to grace God’s green earth, Bill Hicks. In this case its applied to the new Omen. For real, it was cool as all hell. But the hell with Liev Schreiber, Mia Farrow stole the show. I don’t even understand how she could’ve been in all those Woody Allen flicks and never given such a performance. If you like scary that’s the flick. Ok, but how come in the preview I had to sit through the longest freaking ad for “The devil wears Prada”? Like I give a fuck? To be real, I went to the movies to see crazy white people trying to kill a crazy white child, not crazy fashion bitches at each other’s throats. I mean come on.

Anyway, off to check out Son of Man at the San Francisco Black Film Festival. Of course inbetween both films I’ve come home, turned on the T.V to see All in the family. It’s one of my favorite episodes, when Archie is in Blackface for the birth of the grandchild. Its hilarious, in that “Oh my God this shit was still going on in 1975” type way. Then, of course, we had White chicks going on in 2004 so what do I know?


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