Monday, May 29, 2006

Explique, si vous plait?

Ok, respect to Luke Cage, hero for Hire, forever. And I’m not talking the pseudo-racist Brian Azarello Cage or the Bendis I’m too cool for a costume Luke Cage, I’m talking about old school metal tiara yellow shirt open “Sweet Christmas”, fighting villains named Cockroach Luke Cage Hero for hire.

If not respect then appreciation for the foul mouthed, kinda super-powered, alcoholic semi serious Bendis creation of Jessica Jones. I read every single issue of Alias and the Pulse, and tracked the whole Jessica Jones falling in love in Luke Cage.

But come the hell on! Why does the black icon of the seventies have to hook up with the most trailer trash alcoholic chick in the Marvel Universe? And its not even that I’m against the inter-racial thing. I’m just saying why the most low rent white chick on the marvel universe?
Why not Ms. Marvel, or Spider-woman. My collaborator on Afrogeeks seems to think Joss Whedon has problems with black men. Fuck that, Joss is a scripting god mainlining Celestial L.S.D. through his metaphysical veins. Bendis and the editors at Marvel got issues with Black dudes. Yeah, there’s two Marvel weddings going on, Black Panther and Storm, and Luke “Pimp my world” Cage and Jessica “I like to get drink before I have sex” Jones”. B.P and Storm, is just an example of two God like characters joining, big freaking deal. I mean they’re not human so they can’t really be black, you know? But Luke was human. His only power was being strong and bullet proof. No country of his own, no ability to control weather, just a convict with a hard ass body. He was the most human of the black super heroes. So does that mean he has to kick it with a demented white girl with no powers to speak of who failed at the superhero game? Just saying, it smells fishy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, I have been reading your site for awhile now and this last post got me a little steamed. While your insight is definitely appreciated, it seems that you sometimes grab for straws when you look at how black images are presented.

Sure, Brian Azzarello's version of Cage was one of the most racist things I have seen in recent memory. But him marrying Jones isn't that bad of a thing. She happens to be one of the most developed non-hero characters in the Marvel U. and to have her marry Cage can only be a good thing as he wasn't just thrown with someone for shock value, but their relationship actually evolved over the course of several years.

I love that Cage has moved on from the "sweet christmas" phase and that he is a player in the scheme of the Marvel U. again. I know what you're getting at in terms of who characters end up with, but you must remember that the comic book industry is about 15 years behind the rest of the country in terms of race.

Storm and T'Challa getting married is awesome. For the simple fact that the focus in on a non-jungle Africa in a mainstream American comic book.

Sure, it ain't perfect, but its a massive leap in the right direction.


7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been following Cage and Panther and Jessica Jones (who I dig actually) and have to disagree to some extent. The wedding of T'Challa and Storm seems so obvious. Of course the Black Panther's gonna marry Storm. Two African gods coming together...yadda yadda yadda. That takes hardly any imagination at all. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, on the other hand, well that hardly makes sense, and, as a result, is more interesting, I think. Marriage and fatherhood is giving this character depth and dimension that he was lacking before. Is Jessica a drunken failed superhero? Sure. But isn't exactly the prince of Wakanda , now is he?

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