Monday, June 26, 2006

Blade: The not too bad TV Series

And the swag has started to arrive. Now granted, it’s the blade T.V. show, but you know, it’s not a bad start at all. This thing is totally better than Blade 3. They made a Marc spector reference, you know Moon knight. Somebody behind the show is an obvious comic fan. I’m telling you, we’re everywhere these days. Underground. But back to Blade.

Set design makes it look like M.A.N.T.I.S. from the nineties. Sticky Fingaz plays Blade and he does have the voice but moves don’t match Wesley’s at all. Luckily he does have the attitude. The girl’s not hot. Sorry, but crazy ass hardcore white chicks are my least favorite trope. Like the bimbette from Blade three listening to her IPod as she shot bows and arrows in a combat situation. I know it’s a comic book movie but you gotta have some bases in reality. I mean come on!

Ok but the bad ass part of the whole show is that we get more vampire culture. They spent time thinking about what vampire culture would be, and as I’ve written before, that can be a total analogy for black identities as well as any other “subculture”. It also seems to be a trademark of Black geekhood. It’s also what made the first two blade movies ‘Hot like fia!’ Ok that and mother fuckers just throwing people around. That’s cute as well. Oh yeah and Blade be killing fools. I’m saying though, Aside from Wolverine (Who is really black by the way. I mean how can you be that angry about shit and not be just a little black? Like maybe if mom ws an octoroon or something :) what other superheroes are allowed to running around slicing fools throats with daggers and shit?

Funny Balde story. I was at the videostore in my pre Netflix, pre DVR phase and I saw this black man picking up a copy of Blade 2. I was hella on the casual “That’s a tight movie man.” Homie came back giving mad love on how deep Blade was. So I dropped about half of my previous post about how Blade is an allegory for the mixed race child and he started going off on how his Blatino kid was all about Blade and got in trouble at school for trying to stake all the Latino vampires. Times like that, I just love being a black geek.

I mean to me Blade was sort of the Lyfe Jennings of this whole black superhero thing (Yo, If I was better at HTML I’d be linking “I’m a stick up kid” to that last sentence but for now, just start humming in a soul tone “I be robbing these niggas”) He doesn’t just kill vampires, he straight jacks their chains and watches and wallets. I mean is he a super-hero or an extra on “The Wire”? That’s the best part of the character to me, and its been preserved on the T.V show. So yeah, if I have any say over what you TIVO, I say give Blade the tv show a shot.

Oh yeah…

I’m a moron. You know what black Emo is? I’ll tell you. It’s the Blues! Its Son house and Charlie Patton, and Howling Wolf, and Blind Lemon Jefferson. It’s deep and dirty black men who ain’t got no money and even less control over themselves after a few drinks talking about how their women do them wrong all the time. Now if only I can get some electroshit behind those old Alan Lomax recordings. That’s what I’d pay money to hear, The Alan Lomax Prison recordings remixed by fools like King Britt, Dj Spooky, and Dr. Israel. Shit, Let me hook up my tracks right now and see what I can pull off.



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I am looking forward to Blade. I just happy to see a black superhero.

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