Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Patrick swayze is black

OK so one of the kids I work with just pointed out this pretty dope theory to me and as a result I have faith in the youths of today again. Patrick Swayze was a black guy in Dirty Dancing. I know I know Mr. Mullet was what? But think about it, he’s the dance teacher in this exclusive jewish enclave in the mountains that always hooks up with the pretty white women. Nothing to take away from the apparent racial norm until you remember, “He can dance!” See Swayze is the simulacra white soul man dancing to black people music in the fifties that never existed. Plus he gets one white girl pregnant and has to get the dad of the other white girl to fix an abortion that he aid for with borrowed money. Now if that doesn’t sound like a brother please tell me what was. (See I’m gonna get some hate e-mails for that, but people re going to have to take some comedy with their cinema critique. If I had said that the protagonist exemplifies classic negro male stereotypes when faced with issues of finance, parenthood, and fidelity no one would bat an eye lash)

What makes this exciting for me is Swayze’s film career in this context. Most notably Ghost, where he actually takes over a black woman’s body (Love you whoopi) to make lesbian love with Demi Moore, and Road house, which by my reckoning is the most Hillbilly back wood redneck cracker piece of cinema this side of the Billy Jack threesome. It’s fun finding connections. Go on, you try.


Blogger T.A.N. said...

hmmm solid point. But it might be he was black in his early more prominent roles. I think he's regressed back to the Caucasian mean as his career as progressed.

any chance you're the same Shawn who wrote one of the 33 1/3 books. if so holla at your boy. you can holler anyways, but if so i'm actually looking for you.

10:53 PM  
Blogger girl6 said...

Naw, baby. Pat's step was too short and too quick for him to be a brutha. He never quite hit bottom on the down beat like we do. His stroke wasn't deep enough. My sistahs know what I'm talking about.

I'll agree that there were psycho/social/economic similarities; however, when Mr. Swayze began to dance, we was like, "Hold up."

10:40 PM  

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