Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I nominate the Dark Doctor

Anyone who wonders why I’m a New Doctor Who head simply does not know me, or good television. Rooted in over three decades of Science fiction Doctor is to the U.K. what Star Trek might have been to the U.S if it had stayed n the air…and Shatner had learned how to act. By definition it is my favorite genre of storytelling, the serial. It’s damn near impossible to get closer to the modern epic than to generate a host of characters developed by a host of writers in multiple formats for audience that may never meet. Plus the ideas on the show hurt my head, stone statues that live outside of reality and can only touch you when they’re not being observed, the last dregs of humanity being transformed into sociopathic balls of technology desiring the death of their predecessors, the family of blood, a skin swapping scarecrow wielding intergalactic nuclear family that feeds off of time energy (Whatever that is), the shadows f forest that now live in the universe’s largest library, and of course, the Daleks.

Doctor Who is like the X-men in that when its written poorly it drowns in its own history. I’ve seen some of the old episodes and while I’ a fan of some of those dated gems, others I’m glad I missed as a child. But the David Tennet/Russel Davies Doctor’s all make me tingle on the inside like a schoolgirl on her first date. But now Russell is gone and I hear tell David Tennet might not make it much past 2010. So who should the new Doctor be? I’m not fan enough to say but there is a rumor floating around that has my nipples hard. If the moniker has not already been assigned let me be the first to call him, the Dark Doctor.

For those of you unfamiliar, let me explain the plot device/serial extender that makes such a switch from pasty faced (but cute) David Tennet to Patterson Joseph possible. The doctor is an alien who re-generates a new body and a new sort of psychology whenever he’s mortally injured. There’s been about 11 different Doctor’s since 70 something. Now peep the new doctor, maybe that is.

Never been a dark doctor before. Yeah, I’m gassed. Maybe they’ll let me write a story for them. Something about alternative dimension entities that wish to destroy the virus of currency before it infects their reality. Yeah, like I said I’ve been writing.


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This is a really good program. Love the dalek.

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