Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wish I was a trustafarian...

Actually I don't, but my man Roots Manuva dropped that desire/joke on his most recent album, Slime and reason. Truth be told the album is just decent. But cat's been holding it down so long his decent is tighter than most of the shit that's released recently. Even the new Streets album makes me a little homie didn't try to hard to make bangers because he knew no one would buy the album. On the real, the album that's been kicking my tuckus on the regular for the past little bit is The Bug's London Zoo. So why am I mad at the cat?

For one, London Zoo? That's your title for all these mad cool vocal black scientist running shit in the u.K? What the fuck does that make the white boy who corrals them all? The zokeeper? I know, I'm reading more into it than necessary. Right? Actually, I thought the same thing until I peeped this video off of xlr8r. The freeze frame of dude with his gun finger's in Warrior queen's dome was bad enough but then his approach to her, laughing at her day gig... Yeah, real talk I'm sensitive to race shit, I work with some nutty ass white people, and yeah he did put her on so props for that, but there is some arrogance some white boy strut off the dude that I can't really get off of.

Don't get it twitted, Man puts a solid album together. Peep the track. But I ain't buying him any drinks if I see him at the bar, that's all I'm saying right now. Warrior Queen might make me switch over to big girls if I catch her...just kidding.

Real talk though.


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