Monday, October 27, 2008

Get familiar! White boys are trying to Kill...Oh wait a minute we knew that already

Get familiar!

I’m not really trying to write my whole post on how I’m a black man that’s not all that down for Obama right now. Don’t get it twitted, I need my president to be able to raise his hands above his head and I don’t nedd my ice president to be a pitbull with lipstick or whatever the fuck, But I’m also not under the mistaken impression that apparently most of D.C. is under; I don’t believe all the slaves will be free, reparations will be in full effect, and I’ll get twenty acres and a mule when Obama gets in the white house. That being said, I’m not hating profusely on any black man making his cheddar, supporting his family, and not giving a fuck about what Mister Charlie thinks or says about him. Yet and still, Real life playa of this playa hater game knows that cheese crumb snatching bitches come on the regular when you walk with your nutsacks in your hands.

To wit.

This shit ain’t news man! Crazy red neck cracker boys from down south been trying to ice educated black men since forever! What’s news is when white people peep it for the first time. We been saying this shit forever, first black president better have a mexican vice president or that niggas gonna get shot at his acceptance speech. Of course it’s not the third grade drop out from under funded public school drop outs that Obama really has to worry about. They get close to the president and it’s a stain on the Secret service’s rep. And they can’t tolerate that. Nah, it’s the elite Ivy league boys and girls, his classmates that he was smarter and more focused than. It’s the professor’s he didn’t manage to charm and so had to out perform, it’s the rest of the talented tenth who didn’t pick Obama to lead the pack. These will be the real threats when he’s in office, not the 21st century Dukes of Hazzard.

I still don’t trust that Obama. I hear he converts with terriers.


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