Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My brother from another mother...

...he's the bad guy in this short. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with Afrogeekdom, but I gotta rep for my fam. Watch it and love it.


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm tripping, right?

How do you define racism? I tend to define it as taking advantage of the benefits of one's race without regard to whom it may harm to do so. So yea, in my definition black people can be racists. But we don't make video games about it. That's some crazy shit. Case and point, Border Patrol. There is a game where you pretend to be an illegal Mexican immigrant trying to get into the country without being attacked by the border patrol. I'm going to write that again in case you missed it: There-is-a-game where-you-pretend -to-be-an-illegal-Mexican-immigrant-trying-to-get-into-the-country-without-being attacked-by-the-border-patrol. Now I'm not Mexican. Ain't got no part of Mexico in me. I don't even like Mexican food. But that shit is wrong. Dead wrong. Of course we know that, right? People know its wrong and just accept it, right? Wrong! Check out this article here by the CEO of deadline games, developers of the video game, I shit you not, I swear on the holy Koran I shit you not, Chili Con Carnage. His argument is that there is a double standard applied to video game companies. Fuck you man! You got a move in your game called the Burrito blasts! I can't handle your whining. That song everyone's a little bit racist is a fucking joke, not a life motto. I'd also like to let out my own personal racism at this point saying I personally have issues with White South Africans. It's like kicking it with post reconstruction white people, Mother fuckers don't know how to act around emancipated children of slaves.

Yeah Yeah I know, What about Def Jam's ICON or any other video games that have racalized characters, are they all racist? Short answer, YES! Longer answer, racial depictions have never been put out without bias, so why should I assume that there are no biases in video game depictions of raced characters? the question isn't "Why do you see race everywhere?" but rather, what work has gone into assuring that I won't have to?"

Totally unrelated Phonogram feeds my anglocized literature fetish like nothing else since the early days of Hellblazer. And Tyler got me in to see a special screening of Black Sheep which is probably the best new horror flick out, ever! Peep the trailer below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A pretty sounding girl asked me to put this out there

My favorite racist joke of all time: How do White fairy tales start? "Once upon a time..." How do black fairy tales start, "Ya'll Mother fuckers ain't never gonna believe this shit..."

So ya'll mother fuckers ain't gonna believe this shit. I'm on my way to get some fried fish and okra and the comic book store calls me. Todd (Hi Todd) big man manager of the shop calls me and is all "There's this girl here who wants to talk to someone about black villains in comic books." So yeah, I just talked to a total stranger about black villains in comics for like an hour. This is my life.

Anyway, the conversation revealed my inability to think of major black villains in comics. Maybe its because I'm always focusing on the white man as evil. JOKE! Kind of... Anyway, does anyone have a comprehensive list of black super villains in comics? I'd love to see it. Ok, I'm off again cataloging appearances of black people on Angel. 4 in the first season, including this bad ass. I'm trying to set-up an interview for codez about this movie, but if you get a chance, peep, I'm through with white girls. It's the best romantic comedy with black people in it since hav plenty.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10 Questions

1. Where is Cody Chesnutt?
2. Will there ever be a black genre (sci fi/horror/magical realism/fantasy) show?
3. If it did happen, would it be as well written as Buffy?
4. Doesn't it make you want to vomit that Tyrese is up for the Luke Cage film--to be directed by John Singleton?
5. Doesn't a Luke Cage film make you want to vomit?
6. How many black scientists can you name?
7. Laurence Fishburne as the voice of the Silver Surfer--yeah or nay?
8. Speaking of Larry...Were the Matrix films the last great representation of people of color in a genre form?
9. Are you as excited as I am about the new Bad Brains album?
10. Will the Transformers film live up to the pure amazement of the kick-ass trailer?


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fuck her!

Quick rant:

I’m all hectic busy doing stuff for school as well as codez but I had ot take a moment to write this rant: If this cracker ass rich snobby whore of a slut doesn’t do her full fucking sentence then every hood homie and sis who ever had a cousin, mother, brother, uncle or play cousin who got locked up for no good god damn reason needs to go bang down her damn door, force feed the slag a pork sandwich, then carry her trifling ass back up to county. And if PoPo don’t want her, pull some old school Malcolm X stuff and just post guard up in that mug making God damn sure her scrawny ass can’t get out of prison. I’m so pissed at this crap you have no idea. Yeah its because I’m not sleeping, but its also because I know straight thugs from ages 12-17 who sorted their lives out and made some rectifying decisions about the way they thought, only to be violated on some out of county probation violation crap. Now they are career felons. By that I mean you don’t have a career because you’re a felon. Meanwhile, Blowjob-on-a-stick gets to walk out of jail cause she’s got the clap. I try and stay away from the pop crap, I swear I do, but this little retarded wanna be slut is getting on my last nerve. And don’t say its not racial. Didn’t Lil’ Kim do her full jail time? So fuck Paris Hilton. I know its not an original sentiment, but it’s genuine.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In defense of illegal downloading

Not that I am a super fan of the law but when its reasonable to comply and it doesn’t piss me off, I follow the law. I’m more a fan of the laws of the common good than of corporate necessity but I’d be a liar if I said that I was still the rampant disregarder of laws I was in the past. But some laws, some rules are just retarded. More to the point, some laws regarding the web, international trade, and music just need to rammed up the ass of whatever greedy fucking suit thought of them. Case and point, the new Dizzee rascal cd.
OK, so I’m on the xl recording e-mail list, it’s the British based company that has Dizzee, and rjd2 signed and used to have M.I.A as well. Any way, they send me an e-mail saying the new dizzee is out. Well, you all know how I feel about Diz right? So I take some old cds that I’ve ripped already and sold them back to my favorite cd reseller. Easy as this sounds I have to go to Berkeley, which I really can’t stand and deal with the cd buying guy who is lamenting the passing of his chosen career field. Word to the retailers of the world, don’t bitch about how no one is buying cds anymore to someone in the cd shop. Just not cool. Anyway, I do the quick scan and I’m all “what the hell?” I talk with the people who work there and everyone’s all “Sorry homes, ain’t no Dizzee rascal out today.” Fuck, I’m thinking. My damn anglophillic nature has gotten the best of my yet again (I could go so into that right now, but this ain’t that kind of site. Suffice to say, British chicks are hot and I’m a moron.)

No drama I’m thinking. It’s a UK release but I get UK shit all the time. I mean haven’t I been following this entire season of Doctor Who? And they don’t even broadcast over here? But see I’m still trying to be legal about it. So I go corporate and hit up ITunes UK. Sure enough they have it. You can hear the clips and everything. Cost 79 pence to download each track. Figure, I’ll take a hit on the conversion but screw it, anything for Dizzee. So I clock to download an d the bastards transfer me to the U.S. ITunes store, where its not available. What the hell?

The truth of it is, some bomb ass Uk grimster is going to put that album up for downloading sometime today or tomorrow and depending on how I feel, I will download that shit. But this is one of cases where it’s the RIAA’s fault, or whoever the hell else is responsible for making sure tariffs are paid. The days of multiple release dates are over people. The days of DRM are fast approaching their end as well. If its gonna blow, let it blow. I’m from New York. Back in the day some Nigerians would have already burned the Dizzee cd and be selling it, complete with cover and endnotes, on 125th st. for five dollars. What the hell makes people think that we don’t all have a little Nigerian in us? Shit, if I didn’t love Dizzee so much I’d be bootlegging my main main’s bread and butter. But its not the artist fault. It’s the RIAA and all the rest of those corporate cock suckers. So fuck them up their commercial little asses. This rant has been brought to you by my reading of Lawrence Lessig’s The future of ideas, Free Culture, and Code 2.0 in the span of nine days while not sleeping and on 1000 mgs of 5-htp a day. Yeah, its’ that kind of week. Next on the literature parade is the complete (or as complete as I was able to find on Amazon) science fiction catalog of Samuel Delany while on an unconfirmed amounts of Provigil. Yeah, I’m on some Doctor Strange sort of vibe.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Been A Long Time

What Up?
Sorry that we’ve been so out of touch, but Ayize and I have been working on our individual projects and I know that I have been a bit overwhelmed. If all goes well, there will be some great changes to enhance the entire AfroGeeks experience.
On another note, the book that I wrote for the 331/3 series is out now. It is about A Tribe Called Quest’s People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. It is available from all major bookstores and amazon.com.
The gist of the book is a view of hip-hop through an AfroGeek lens.
Even if you don’t get my book, please support the series. If you are a music geek, the series should feel like a homecoming.
All Peace. All The Time.