Monday, April 13, 2009

Am I wrong to like the pirates?

Ok, I’m not just saying this to be counter…whatever, but this pirate thing has been a blown a bit out of proportion.

First off, real talk, if those pirates looked like Johnny Depp, American would have been cheering for them, no matter who they jacked. That’s just the realness.

Second of all, brothers are from Somali. Yes, Somalia right next to Ethiopia. Remember when people used to send money to Big tittied Sally Field so she could save the darky babies in Ethiopia? Well, the Somali’s were starving as well, only no big tittied white ladies gave a shit about them so they starved. I’m not surprised that the ones that grew up don’t give a rat’s ass about international property.

Third, From what I’ve read these “pirates” used to be fishermen until the same international community that put a bullet in their brains started dumping everything from old tv’s to toxic waste off their shores. All the fish went dead and the Pirate nation was formed.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m glad the merchant marine dude got back safe, ad the navy SEALS did what they had to do, but we start getting into major trouble in tis country when we point fingers at the bad guys just because we don’t like what they do without asking why they do what they do.

Also, for real, a life boat versus the USS Wreck-a-nigga? We all knew how that was gonna end up.

They probably did too.

Monday, April 06, 2009

In point of fact, I know longer feel like an Afrogeek.

My comic book reading has gone way down. I no longer care who wins in the latest battle between the x-men and the dark avengers, though secretly I hope its Osborn’s crew. How sick is that?

My movie preferences now lean more towards foreign flicks and documentaries. Secretly I wish the Waltz with Bashir guys would just go around the world using flash to and personal narrative to make all wars personal and beautiful.

Even my halcyon remembrances of jungle and drum and bass are giving way ever so slightly to, I know this will be offense to many, my love for the clipse.

But fuck it, Rick Rubin is producing their next album so…

The moniker of Afrogeek no longer feels like it fits. It seems one of those childish things one puts away as they get older and more secure in themselves.

“So is that it? IS Afrogeeks officially over?”


If I were to follow the lead of the comments on this blog I’d call it Black Emo (Peep the comments. I mean its ridiculous) and have a devoted group of followers. But that’s not where my heart is.

Were I after the controversy I’d follow up like a few other cats and trace the post racial United States we live in. I mean Obama’s elected, right? What’s the worst that could happen? And while that stuff interest me, its not all consuming.

In truth, Nothing is all consuming for me right now. I’m doing a lot. Afrogeeks will be where I share some of that. Pictures, for instance. Music, Mixes, My book, coming out in July, political thoughts, reflections on the legalization of Marijuana, frustrations and joys of teaching health education classes as well as religious histories of drugs, hypes for friend, disses of enemies, all of it will come on here.

Part of the reason of the lack of post over the past year or so has been this sort of need to feel pure about what I post, to make sure it appeared to the afrogeek audience. I’m not so much giving a shit about that anymore. And I don’t want to go through the trouble of starting a new blog. Friends and foes alike know to find me at this url. No need to disappoint. SO this is me, doing me.

Got a problem? Go suck a dick on the real, all ya’ll reckless tongue waggers.

P.S.-I need a tight web designer for my book website. Someone highly versed in flash and relatively cheap would be wonderful. Hit the contact me if you are that one or can point me in that direction. IF you’re not the one but hook it up I’ll hit you back with a “Don Draper doesn’t care about you” t-shirt. Or a “I’m beginning to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion” shirt.