Sunday, September 30, 2007

Almost made me cry

So here's yet another post connected to the now year old Black Emo post. This is a comment someone left; Someone who finally understands what I was talking about. I love all you little undercover and over cover Black emo kids. Swear to my moms!

hey im a black emo girl too and it doesnt show because im scared. when im alone i start listening to all these rock ,heavey metal and screamo music like i love it its so esay to relate to . but im a poser because anytime im near black kids i act all fake like a typical black girl who yells alot and gives adittude and also my frds always make fun of emos so its so hard for me to come out and say that im a black emo and i love screamo. i cry alot because i dont really feel that i belong anywhere and im in the wrong person like my dad and sister said. i dont listen to hip hop or r&b and the only hip hop artist i actually know is kanye west but i dont listen to him. i just tryed to listening to him . the only person who knows im emo is my close frd and cousin and my broher and sister who dont accept it .everyday im trying to look for some hip hop artist or r&b artist to like but it just doesnt intrest me and i guess i am who i am and im emo and one day ill hopfully find my confidence and say i love all these bands and style but for now im just trying to figure out if im wrong or right . thx afrogeek for writing this and making it a topic because this is the first time i told anyone or anything hehe.

Friday, September 28, 2007

This is about to be my anthem

I'm just saying: For years everybody and their momma been telling me and Lupe Fiasco the same thing. Big up the Niggerati! Big up Negritude! Big up broke ass black non wanna be boogie bamba bomb!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

If this is what they are doing to white college boys god help us all

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ronald WImberly and shit

Yo, I usually don't like cross pollinating Afrogeeks and Code Z, but check out the interview I did with artist Ron Wimberly, the artist on Sentences: tehe life of M.F. grimm hitting shops tomorrow. Then run like a slave from the plantation to your local comic shop and grab three copies of the book. It's a banger!